Saturday Bountiful Basket

I ordered a Bountiful Basket for this week before remembering that we would be out of town and wouldn’t be around to eat any of it. Wop! Wop! But it worked out. My sister didn’t get a basket this week so most of our loot went to her. We are still doing our June Salad Challenge and it’s going great. I’m getting another salad round up post ready for you. We’ll be out of town for a little bit so we’ll be finishing our salad challenge in July!


Here’s what we got:

Red Grapes
Bag of Potatoes
9 Plums
6 Nectarines
Spaghetti Squash


Romaine Lettuce
2 Cucumbers
Bok Choy
White Onion
Napa Cabbage
Ginger Root
Bag of Basil
Long Beans


Conventional basket was $15. This basket included an Asian themed add on pack (which was $9) as well as the conventional basket.

Can you believe those long beans!?

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