Her Weekend

This weekend we spent some time in Logan for a friend’s wedding and then to visit Andy’s dad for Father’s Day. While we were up there we had dinner at Elements. So much food but it was all amazing! On Saturday we drove to Wyoming for Nellie’s 2nd Birthday party. Our family went in on a gift together and got her a slide since she’s been loving the slide at the park lately. Sunday I went to visit my friend Heather and see her new townhouse. We ate on the deck a couple of times this week and it’s been really nice weather. We’re trying to finish up a few things before we take off for California on Wednesday. I feel so tired today!

{Dinner at Elements- Asian Salmon with Sweet Potatoes and Gorgonzola Steak Pasta}

elements 2
{Dessert-Raspberry Chocolate Cheesecake with Sorbet and Chocolate with Coconut Frozen Mousse}

Nellie 2nd Birthday
{Nellie is 2!! No ‘other’ surprises this year. Wow, she’s grown up a lot since that day.}

Nellie and mom
{Nellie and her mama with her butterfly birthday cake}

Nellie combs my hair with pony comb
{Nellie combing my hair with her ‘pony comb,’ a My Little Pony comb}

Nellie combs my hair
{She’s been watching her mom do hair. She knows what to do.}

Nellie slide
{In her words: “1, 2, 3, SLIIIIIIIDE!!….. ONE MORE TIME!!}

craft flower door hanger
{A little crafty time making a gift for a friend- Andy helped me!}


{Dinner on the deck with Henry just chillin in the flower box}

henry flower

{A ‘Henry Flower’}
How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?

6 thoughts on “Her Weekend

  1. We had a great weekend! Cody's dad flew in from Ohio. We took him hiking at Vedauwoo yesterday. It's nice to expose people to the beautiful scenery of the west! Have a great vacation and take lots of pictures! :)

  2. It was good but way too much food. Everyone said we should try the restaurant at least once and I'm glad we did but I think I would have just been fine with a burger and beer!

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