June Salad Challenge 10~13


Recipe~ Seven Layer Veggie Salad
Changes~ My layers were bacon, cheese, mushroom, celery, tomato, peas, and red onion. I did not use eggs but I have before and it’s good.
The Stars~ Romaine lettuce, Peas, Dill
Recommend~ The dressing is not healthy but this a really yummy salad so I make it sometimes. You could make your layered salad and find a healthier version of the dressing if you like. You should chill this salad for a couple of hours before serving. I added dill to my dressing.


Recipe~ Spinach, Mushroom, Orange, & Bacon Salad
Changes~ I used regular oranges instead of mandarin because that’s what I had.
The Stars~ Oranges, Bacon, Spinach, Mushrooms, & Ketchup!
Recommend~ Don’t be alarmed by the dressing ingredients. I promise they’re really good! It turns out being a kind of like a tangy Russian dressing. This was a delicious salad.


Recipe~ Cabbage, Ramen, & Cashew Salad
Changes~ Sometimes I put chicken in this salad and sometimes I don’t. This time I didn’t. I also used cashews instead of almonds, olive oil instead of vegetable oil and napa cabbage instead of regular cabbage.
The Stars~ Ramen & Cashews
Recommend~ The napa cabbage turned out to be a mistake. It wasn’t as crunchy as regular cabbage is so I didn’t like it as much. It was still good but it’s been much better when I’ve made it in the past. I have used both chicken & beef flavored ramen and like both.


Recipe~ Quinoa, Snap Pea, & Carrot Salad
Changes~ The recipe allows for a couple of variations. I used snap peas, carrots, red pepper, tomato, (no cucumber) fresh basil, and sunflower seeds. In the dressing I used a pinch of cayenne pepper.
The Stars~ Quinoa, Snap Peas, Sunflower Seeds
Recommend~ The recipe says you can eat this right after preparing or chill it. We ate it right after I made it and it was great. I haven’t tried it chilled yet. I loved the sunflower seeds in it. The cayenne pepper was a nice kick but don’t use too much.

Still loving the salad challenge and have a lot more ideas that I can use.  In fact, I have a couple that didn’t make it in to this post because I ran out of time to edit the photos. We’ll be going out of town for a bit, so the salad challenge will be on hold. 
We’re going to California to celebrate our 1 year anniversary! I’m thinking that we could just continue the salad challenge in July. I’m still having fun with it so I’d be happy to keep it going. I’d kind of like to get 30 salads posted before I quit. What do you think?

Do you want me to continue the salad challenge in July, or are you sick of seeing salad posts? Let me know what you think in the comments!

PS- I’ve got some great guest posts lined up for you while we’re gone to California, so keep reading because the blog won’t be quiet!


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