What’s growing around here

As you might have guessed, we came back from vacation to lawn that desperately needed mowing and flower/vegetable beds that desperately needed weeding. It’s amazing how out of control it can get in just one week!
I have a whole list of ‘catch up’ chores that need to be done, so I’m slowly trying to find time to get back on top of everything-including blogging. In the meantime, I wanted to show you some pictures I recently took around our yard. I love how it’s constantly changing and even as I type this, there are new things popping up to photograph.
First I wanted to show you the vibrant red lilies we enjoyed for awhile. Sadly, they are gone now but more are waiting to take their place.


Aren’t they beautiful? I’ll have some white ones soon too!


Remember the before I took of this flower bed awhile back?


Well, look at it now!


I also took some photos of the garden so you could see how it’s progressed.

In April:

IMG_20120429_152149, Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App



A couple things about the garden:

*We waited too long to harvest the spinach and it’s already started to go to seed. Every year I forget how quickly it grows.

*The kale has grown very nicely and I’m going to harvest some this weekend. But it’s also been chewed on quite a bit which is frustrating.

*We have several zucchini that will be ready this weekend. I’m gearing up for it!

*Our broccoli has gotten a little spindly. I suspect it hasn’t gotten enough water.

*The peas and beans are doing fantastic! Can’t wait for those guys.

*Several green tomatoes are on the vine.

*Still no poblanos but the plants look great. We have green peppers but the peppers and the plants are still small. I’m not sure what to do to remedy this in the future.

Overall I’m really proud of the garden this year. We are learning and every year the growing season is better for us. I’m so grateful for our little garden and I’m grateful that Andy is supportive of my interest in gardening. It’s been fun to see our progression as we figure out how to make it better each year.

Are you growing anything this year? Flower…veggies? What is your favorite fresh veggie from the garden?

ps- I want to again say thanks to the ladies that guest posted while I was away and remind you to stop over and see them at their blogs.

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7 thoughts on “What’s growing around here

  1. My husband grew two huge rows of peas. It was amazing how many peas we got from them. We tried tomatoes, too, but no tomatoes ever grew. Oh well, I guess.

  2. Thanks for the shout out. I am growing some things this year, but I started them from seed and a bit late at that, so they are still pretty small. I am hoping I will get veggies by the end of the summer when I have to move again! If you see a lady carrying several containers of vegetable plants down the street at the end of August, it may be me!

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