June 2012 Recap

In June I…

took a drive to Pineview
started a salad challenge
sewed a bench cushion cover
helped my mom do some spring cleaning
discovered a new place to walk
took a trip to California
watched our garden grow


My June Goals were to…

1. Commit to starting my scrapbook– I’m still waiting for the new Project Life core kits to come out, so this did not happen. However, I did make a mini book to record our trip to California in.

2. Have a blast in California for our 1st anniversary trip– The trip was a huge success and we did, indeed, ‘have a blast.’

3. Drink more water- Completely forgot about this goal. It’s probably going to go on my July list.

4. Take my road bike out more than once a week– This didn’t happen and in fact, I’ve been quite lazy this month.

5. Eat salads every day – Not ‘every’ day, but pretty darn close and we’ll be continuing that challenge for a little while longer.

6. Be positive about work- To be honest, I’ve been increasingly negative about work and find it very difficult to be there these days. It’s frustrating but I’m looking for a solution.

7. Memorize (and become awesome at) the Pilates basic mat exercises (again)– I did memorize them again, but I did not become awesome at them. I have a lot to say about Pilates and my personal health, so I’ll save that for another post.


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