Dark Days Tour-Author Signing

On Wednesday I attended the Dark Days Tour at the Salt Lake Main Library. Authors in attendance were Veronica RothDivergent/Insurgent, Aprilynne PikeDestined/Wings Series, SJ KincaidInsignia, and Dan WellsPartials. We were able to hear them speak about their books and then took about 45 minutes of questions. They were a great group and they had some humorous answers to our questions.

Afterward was the book signing. I appreciate the organized way that the library handled the signing (and being able to sit in a chair until it was my turn.) I was probably there three hours, which isn’t bad, and it was worth it.

From left to right: Veronica Roth, Dan Wells, SJ Kincaid, and Aprilynne Pike


My books all signed and nestled between my owl bookends from Z Gallerie.

In other news, Betty arrived and she’s fantastic!


Happy Friday everyone! Any fun plans for the weekend?

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