Her Weekend

Well, here we are back to Monday. We had a busy weekend so I’m glad that I’ll get Tuesday off of work for the 24th of July (which is a Utah state holiday.) We spent the weekend up in Logan painting my mom’s house. Sunday I worked on some projects around home while Andy did school work. So- just some images from the weekend to kick start this Monday!

Kim ibis
Quick stop at Cafe Ibis in Logan for breakfast.

Nellie helping Andy tape to get ready for painting.

andy and lindsey painting
Andy and Lindsey work on the hallway…

…while Jen tackles the kitchen and I take pictures. (I actually did put the camera down and help once in awhile!)
marv n joe
Andy and I went to lunch at USU and got Marv n Joes…

Andy lunch

pb bar
…and a giant peanut butter bar.

How was your weekend?


5 thoughts on “Her Weekend

  1. Oh I miss painting rooms so much!!!! Well you read about my biking "adventure". We also bought iphones this weekend. Of course, I will be blogging about it once I get them in the mail. :)

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