Her Weekend



Henry sleeping

25th Street Ogden Horse

Lagoon Day

table cloth

Andy studying

shadow of night

Hi guys! How was your weekend? Andy had his company day at Lagoon on Friday. We spent most of our time in the water park. We rented some tubes and tested out the water slides. On Saturday morning we spent a little time at the Ogden Farmer’s Market. We had a visit from my mom on Sunday and the rest of the time Andy was studying. This week is his last week of his summer class. It’s been a very stressful class with a lot of information squished into a very short time. I spent my time cleaning the house and reading. I’m beginning to realize that the summer is just about over and it’s making me sad. I feel like there’s still so much I wanted to do with my summer! 

What things are you hoping to squeeze into the last month of summer?


One thought on “Her Weekend

  1. I don't know what else I will squeeze in, but I know biking will happen. LOL I am very sad that it's almost over. October 1st last year it was cold and snowed!!!!!! It's coming!! :(

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