June Salad Challenge 27 ~ 30

It’s about time, right? Bet you thought I’d never get these up. But here they are- the last four salads in our June Salad challenge. Better late than never!

**ps- thanks for everyone’s comments on yesterdays post. :)


Recipe- Italian Greens & Veggies
Changes- Lettuce and Kale mixed together
The Stars- The dressing, mushrooms, cucumbers, tomatoes
Recommend- A garden salad is so easy to throw together and this italian dressing really compliments any veggies you’ve got on hand.


Recipe- Caesar Salad
Changes- Our lettuce is again mixed with kale because we have so much that needs to be used.
The Stars- Parmesan cheese, croutons
Recommend- A caesar salad isn’t complete without croutons. Make your own if you can. It’ll be much better with homemade ones.


Recipe- Green Bean, Tomato & Corn Salad
Changes- We didn’t have any feta so that was omitted.
The Stars- Beans, tomatoes, corn & mint; all from our garden
Recommend- We didn’t grill our corn ahead of time and I wish we had. The mint adds a fresh flavor to the veggies.


Recipe- Creamy Cucumber & Green Onion Salad
Changes- none
The Stars- Cucumber and green onions from our garden.
Recommend- Follow the recommended chill time because it really makes a difference. This salad was a hit with Andy.

This was a fun challenge and Andy has already made a suggestion for a new challenge. I’ll be announcing the new challenge soon and you can all participate too, if you like!

Can you guess what it is? 


2 thoughts on “June Salad Challenge 27 ~ 30

  1. The green bean one looks really good. I love green beans, but never have them. :(Thanks for commenting on my blog today. It made me feel better. I just need to learn better ways to deal with it. I may start a journal.

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