Utah Scones

If you’re ever in Utah and you stop at a restaurant and order a scone, chances are, you won’t get what you’re expecting. Here in Utah, scones are not the traditional crumbly biscuit type scones that you see everywhere else. In Utah they’re more like sopapillas or Indian fry bread and at a lot of places they’ll bring you a ‘scone’ that is the size of your plate or bigger. 

We like to make ‘scones’ at home for dinner sometimes. There are several recipes for Utah scones out there on the internet that you can follow, but we cheat and just use thawed Rhodes rolls. I also like to make ours smaller so we can have them a couple of different ways. There are a lot of options for toppings but this time we used strawberries with Nutella, peaches with cream, and cinnamon sugar honey butter.


Is this what you call a ‘scone’ where you’re from? 


8 thoughts on “Utah Scones

  1. Yep- the first time someone told me it was actually Indian Fry bread I couldn't believe I'd been deceived my whole life! haha. I really thought these were true scones.

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