Replanting the Yucca plants + Giveaway

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So, I have to admit something. As much as I love gardening, I sometimes suck at it. I’ll admit something else too– sometimes I suck at it simply because I get lazy about it. This is what happened in the case of these sad looking Yucca plants we have in our backyard.

Replanting Yucca plant 2

I’m pretty sure we got these from Andy’s parents a couple of years ago and I proceeded to just leave them in the backyard without bothering to transplant them or anything. It’s got to say something that they actually survived this long. Especially because I hardly ever thought to water them. Luckily they can survive in “dry and poor soil.”

Replanting Yucca plant 3

Anyway, I thought it was high time I fixed them up. I purchased two of these large planters. I have two more in the front yard and I love them. They are light weight but sturdy. I got them at Wally World.

Replanting Yucca plant 5

I mixed potting soil with some soil we had in the yard and made sure to pull off all the dead leaves before replanting them. That’s pretty much it.

Replanting Yucca plant 1
Replanting Yucca plant 4

They still look kind of pathetic, but I’m hoping that now the Yucca have a new home, they’ll start to thrive again. In all actuality they should look like THIS. Oops.

Replanting Yucca plant 6

What have you neglected this summer that you really shouldn’t have?
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3 thoughts on “Replanting the Yucca plants + Giveaway

  1. I love the green pots. I need more plants I only have 3. I guess you could say I neglected the pepper plants that I tried to grow. I just gave up. I want an outdoor garden. We are actually thinking about buying a house. I am sure I will blog about it soon. LOL

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