September Was Super Cool

In September…

~We took a little weekend vacation to Steamboat Springs
~Andy painted our garage floor and speckled it
~I made my own gourd birdhouse
~I shared my personal feelings on balancing work and life
~Told you that typography was my favorite thing to decorate with

farmers market 8

How did I do on my September goals?

~ Enjoy a Labor Day weekend vacation
DONE! This little trip was perfect

~ Stay ahead on lesson plans for dance class
So far so GOOD! The first few weeks are always a little shaky as both kids and teacher get settled. But we’re doing great and I’ve already got several positive comments from parents, so yay!

~ Can more tomatoes and clean out the garden
NOPE! I ended up with 8 quarts of canned tomatoes and decided to stop there. We are talking about cleaning out the garden this weekend, but we may not get to it just yet.

~ Finally buy new tap shoes. I’ve had the same pair for the last 15 years.
YES! They came yesterday in fact. I posted a picture on instagram (HerSunday)


Sponsor call for October + Giveaway

sponsor in october

I’m now accepting sponsors for the month of October. Check the sponsor tab above for more information. If you’re interested, shoot me an email and I’ll get you all set up. I’d love to have you here on Her Sunday! Also note that you can swap ad space with me rather than paying the monthly rate, if you want to go with Option C.

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Permission Granted: It’s Okay to Want Less

*something I wrote a while ago when I was trying to sort out my thoughts…

I’d worked my way up in the library. I’d worked my way up in the university.  I thought, “Why shouldn’t I be grateful to move to salary. A contract position! So glamorous. Somebody actually thought I was good at what I did and that I deserved to be rewarded by that. Man, I should jump at that- just because it’s there!

But the truth is, I was happy to punch the clock and put in my measly 25 hours a week. I was happy to do my work (and do it well) and then go home and not worry about it. I was happy not to have to be the person to make decisions or come up with new ideas or plan events. But I felt guilty and lazy about that. I started thinking what a terrible person I was and what a lazy person I was, not to desire to do more at my job. I knew I could plan a killer new project-I just didn’t want to.

Don’t get me wrong- I love the library. I love what goes on there. I love the programs implemented by the library. I love supporting the library. I just didn’t want to plan those programs or be in charge of anything. At least, not now. I could see myself getting amped up about that kind of work in the future– but not right now. I can’t explain it, but I just felt like I didn’t want a job that required too much brain power at this time.

Being the creative-new idea-event and display implementing person was a lot of pressure. I don’t want pressure right now. I want easy and relaxing. I know what pressure like that does to an otherwise enjoyable job: It sucks all the happiness and joy out of it. It makes it stressful.

So there I was with a shiny new salary position and an important title and I just wanted to give it all back. I felt ungrateful. A lot of people would kill for the opportunities that I had. But I’m not interested in climbing the ladder right now. I want to be a mom. I want to do volunteer work. I want to craft and sell my crafts. I want to practice Pilates and get my Pilates certification. I want to finally choose a grad school program and get started on it. Minus the grad school part, I feel guilty about wanting all that. It seems that in this day and age I should want to be a career woman. Don’t get me wrong, I do want to further my career. But right now I want other things more.

At one point my boss had to get surgery and would be out two months. We talked about what this meant for me. Being ‘next in line’ I would essentially have to be her for two months. As I sat there in the chair listening to her chatter off all the meetings I would need to attend in her absence, I could literally feel the dread creeping up from my stomach to my throat. But I nodded, smiled, and said, ‘No problem, I got this.’ And I did have it. I could do it. I just didn’t want to. I didn’t want the anxiety that came with all that. The anxiety that comes with anything that you subconsciously realize you don’t want, but are too afraid to admit it.

I didn’t want to be important or in charge. I’d been important and in charge for a lot of years as the owner of my own dance studio and head coach of a high school drill team, and I stepped away from it in an effort to cut the stress. Now I found myself back in that position. But I just wanted to be little old me, sitting in my corner, working on my little projects, and never being called on to step up. Honestly I beat myself up about this for months. I felt so guilty for not wanting to do it all. It’s not that I was a half-ass employee. I did my tasks to the fullest- I just didn’t want to be the all important go-to person.

I started looking back at the hourlies who seemed so stress free. They did their work, they went home, and forgot about it until the next day. I did more work (which never seemed to be enough) and then went home and obsessively checked my work email all night long, just to make sure that I was prepared for whatever would hit me the next morning. I busted my ass to get to work before anyone else and stayed after everyone left. I ate my lunch at my desk, while I kept working. I didn’t stop working while my coworkers talked about Once Upon A Time and Dancing with the Stars. I listened and interjected my thoughts- but I kept typing all the while. I wanted to keep up appearances. I felt obligated to do all this.

I convinced myself to stick with the new salary position and new responsibilities, even though I knew I was unhappy. Afterall- I was damn good at my job. I should want more opportunity to show what I could really do, right? But I never wanted to be a slave to my job, and that’s exactly what I was. I was at my boss’s beck and call. I came running any time she instant messaged me and summoned me to her office. I did everything she asked and more, even though it left me stressed, exhausted, and in a bad mood by the time I went home each night. I didn’t want my life to revolve around my job (and I still don’t.) I wanted want to put in my hours and then go home and enjoy my life with my husband. 

It thought that if I went in to my boss and was just honest with her and told her that I wasn’t happy in the new position, then she would look down on me and be disappointed in me. That she would tell everyone else that I just couldn’t handle it. Then I realized, just because I can handle something and I am good at something, doesn’t mean I have to do it or should want to do it. It’s okay to want less responsibility at times in your life.

It’s okay to want simplicity and peace.

It’s okay to want your life to revolve around your family, rather than your job.

It’s okay to want your job to be a small speck in a large life fulfilled by other things, like cooking dinner with your husband, and doing Pilates in your pajamas, and pulling weeds in your garden, while listening to audio books on your ipod.

It’s okay. I need and still need to convince myself that it’s okay to want and do less.

Make Your Own: Gourd Birdhouse


Before we launch into this project, I want to invite you to click over to My Mod Style and see the group guest post I contributed to today! Jessie matched us up with  Disney characters! So fun and super cute.
Okay- What a fun project this was!! I’d been seeing these cute gourd birdhouses at the farmer’s market for weeks and really wanted one. A few weeks ago I saw that one booth was selling just the gourds, so I bought one for $4 with the intention of making my own.

gourd 1

Such an easy project for an afternoon. I had Andy help me with drilling the holes. First he drilled the hole for the opening. You don’t have to have this fancy attachment. There are other ways to do it, but this was just a quicker option and since I’m impatient, I went for it.

gourd 12
gourd 11

He also drilled two holes at the top so I could thread some string through it to hang it from.

gourd 3

And don’t forget to drill a small hole in the bottom for drainage, just in case your birdhouse gets water in it.

gourd 2

You’ll need to clean out the inards of the gourd. I used a long handled wire brush to get it all out.

gourd 10

Then take some sand paper to it and sand it until it’s smooth and you’ve gotten all the dirt and debry off of it.

gourd 4

At this point you may want to soak it in some bleach water just to get it real clean. I didn’t feel that my gourd needed it so I skipped that step. I went right on to painting it. It’s suggested that you paint it a light color so it won’t become a ‘bird sauna’ in the summer. I chose a happy yellow- mostly because that’s what I had on hand.

gourd 6

My original plan was to put two coats of paint on it. After the first coat, I decided that I really liked the look, so I left it.

gourd 5

I used the back end of a paint brush to dot this little heart design near the doorway to my birdhouse.

gourd 7

I used a large needle to thread some twine through the top to hang the birdhouse from.

gourd 8

Your last step is to hang it!

gourd 9

I absolutely love how it turned out! I may have to make a second one next year. We’ll see if it actually attracts any birds. If not, that’s okay, because it’s cute anyway.

A Peek Into Her Week

I’m guest posting and contributing over at My Mod Style Monday and Tuesday this week- we’re talking Disney!! It’s going to be fun, so check it out!

Also, you may notice (if you’ve clicked over onto the blog) that I’ve given Her Sunday a facelift. What do you think? It’s a work in progress- none of the links work yet, but they will by the end of the week. I’m not a blog designer or anything, but it’ll do for now. :)

Henry on the benchAndy's bikeKim's bikedinnercarthanksgiving pointbook pagedirty dashshoesat Dirty Dash

His and hers motorcycles are new additions around here. Andy already has mine taken apart. It needs some work. We went to see my sister run in the Dirty Dash. It was quite the run! Andy and I would like to try it next year. You’ve never seen so much mud in your life! A sea of muddy shoes all on their way to be cleaned up and donated to charity. Later we went to dinner at Biaggi’s and to the Concour D’Elegance car show at Thanksgiving Point. We’ve had a busy week!

Sunday Snapshot #6

tree branch necklace hanger

I bought this tree branch hanger from Urban Outfitters about a year ago and finally decided to hang it today. Previously my necklaces had been hanging on a clothes hanger in the back of my closet. I could never see them very well and often forgot about them. Now they’re out in the open where I’ll remember to wear them once in awhile. I’ll admit I’m totally ‘girlifying’ the new bathroom and I’ve pretty well taken over down there- but it’s kind of fun to have my own little place. 

Polka Dots and Ponytails

Polka Dots and Ponytail

Polka Dots seem to be all the rage right now. I’m in love with the JCrew sweaters, but my purse is definitely not. There are affordable options though, if you need your polka dot fix. Plus ponytails- there’s just something about sweaters and ponytails that I love. My hair seems to find itself in a ponytail at the end of every day lately and it’s in a ponytail all weekend long it seems. Speaking of weekends, enjoys yours!
Splurge: Caramel and Cream, Multi
Save: Navy with collar, White with collar, Ivory with collar

Seen and Loved

This week around the interwebs:

~ Domino posted a yellow album on Facebook and I can’t stop swooning!

~ Dress Classy, Dance Cheesy!!

~ Have you ever seen more creative tiling in a library?

~ Oh goodness. Just when I think I’ve found my favorite owl

~ I adore this pretty little fall garland, don’t you?


Fall always makes me want to spend my days sipping soy lattes, wearing fuzzy socks, and crafting. It makes me feel all cozy and happy. I absolutely love it. Every year I fall in love with Fall again and everything that comes with it!!