Her Weekend: For Real

So this weekend we took a little road trip to Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I’m so glad we went because it turned out to be a lot of fun. I was a little worried about having a jam packed weekend when last week and this week are so busy at work. I wondered if I shouldn’t be giving myself some down time- but really, this vacation was pretty relaxing and low key, so it was great.

steamboat springs

We took a drive up to Walton Peak

walton peak

And attended the vintage air show at the local airport

air show

steamboat springs air show

steamboat springs breakfast

We ate at some great local restaurants and afterward we walked around their farmer’s market. We picked up some garlic pasta noodles and a bag of goji berry tea, all made locally.

Kim farmers market

Their Botanic Park is free to walk around in and we were very impressed with it.

botanical garden 3

botanical garden 3

botanical gardens

botanical garden 2

We hiked up to Fish Creek Falls. The sun was in the wrong spot to get any decent pictures of the waterfall though.

fish creek falls

fish creek falls 2

Late Saturday night we drove up to Strawberry Hot Springs to soak in the warm water. I don’t have any pictures because it was dark already. You have to pay to get in to the hot springs but they’re open to midnight. It makes for some great stargazing while you’re soaking.

fish creek falls

We took a ride on the alpine slide!!

alpine slide

steamboat springs andy ash

We attended their hoe down and chili cookoff. We tasted a lot of chili and cornbread and then got to vote on our favorites.

chili cookoff

Ashland on the ride home.

ashland chillin 
We got home in time to go to Lagoon with my family on Monday. Nellie’s here waiting patiently to ride another ride. She loved the rides!
Nellie and mom at Lagoon

Little Nixon did pretty well despite the long day.

Lindsey Nixon Lagoon
jen nellie carousel

kim and andy lagoon

A very fun weekend with my guy and family!

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