A Peek Into Her Week

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This past week has been jam packed. I have been working with United Way and last week we had our big event- Day of Caring. It was really quite an amazing service event to be a part of and I got the chance to see just what it takes to pull off a successful Day of Caring. It was humbling to say the least. Just under 4000 volunteers from around 100 companies in Utah worked on around 100 different service projects throughout the community. So many great things were done that day and when it was all over, we were exhausted. 
Andy and I have had some major team work this week as I had been working late and going in early at times. I love my guy for having dinner on the table when I got home as well as the laundry washed and folded all week long. We bought a new to us washer and dryer this week and laundry is not such a pain now.
We rewarded ourselves with a final summer hurrah: a trip to White Owl. We laughed so much that night. Corey was full of punch lines all night long. Good times to end a busy week are the best, amiright?
I’ll be taking this coming week to reevaluate what my next step is. I’m pretty sure I already know what I’d like to do, but I think it’s important to allow myself to take my time before pushing my chips out. Life is so very good right now.


8 thoughts on “A Peek Into Her Week

  1. Ah more fun memories for us. Now I can add mass Walmart runs and unloading semi's to my list of crazy memories. Ha ha ha. Good times indeed. Enjoy some time off! It will be awesome to sleep in and relaxa bit. :-) Enjoy a pumpkin latte for me one day. :-)

  2. OMG!!!! Yes!!!! That guy cracked me up! The building was on the news too! We were on lockdown for a brief moment today. Some crazy dude. I bet they report more on the news tonight. Saw it on 5 at 6:30 but 4 was there too.

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