Painting the Garage Floor

This past weekend Andy worked on a project in the garage that we’ve been meaning to do for a couple of years. He painted the floor. For this project he used Quikrete Epoxy Floor Coating that he picked up from Lowes. He spent some time leading up to the painting project, prepping the floor. First he swept and hosed out the garage. Then he used Simple Green to clean up as much grease as possible.

Andy painting garage with epoxy
epoxy paint on garage floor
epoxy painted garage

Then he painted the Epoxy Coating on the floor using a long handled roller brush. He sprinkled the colored flakes as he went along. These flakes did a good job of hiding imperfections in the floor. Afterward, he rolled on a sealer by Quikrete. It goes on white but dries clear. This last step was what gave it a finished shiny look.

epoxy painted garage floor

The epoxy coating should resist oil stains in the future and be super simple to hose off whenever we’re cleaning up in there. Plus, it just looks so much better! 

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