September Was Super Cool

In September…

~We took a little weekend vacation to Steamboat Springs
~Andy painted our garage floor and speckled it
~I made my own gourd birdhouse
~I shared my personal feelings on balancing work and life
~Told you that typography was my favorite thing to decorate with

farmers market 8

How did I do on my September goals?

~ Enjoy a Labor Day weekend vacation
DONE! This little trip was perfect

~ Stay ahead on lesson plans for dance class
So far so GOOD! The first few weeks are always a little shaky as both kids and teacher get settled. But we’re doing great and I’ve already got several positive comments from parents, so yay!

~ Can more tomatoes and clean out the garden
NOPE! I ended up with 8 quarts of canned tomatoes and decided to stop there. We are talking about cleaning out the garden this weekend, but we may not get to it just yet.

~ Finally buy new tap shoes. I’ve had the same pair for the last 15 years.
YES! They came yesterday in fact. I posted a picture on instagram (HerSunday)


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