A Peek Into Her Week

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You guys, this has been a great weekend, but a rough one. My back pain is back. Awesome, right? I’m sorry to bore you with this, I just really need to get it off my chest. According to my doctor, I have trigger points in my upper back. They’re hypersensitive areas of my muscle that can get really ticked off and knot up all over my back, causing extreme pain. As far as what causes mine, we’re still not sure. If you overwork the muscle or have a lot of stress in your life that can cause it, but I don’t think I’m doing that. It can also be caused by sitting at a computer all day- which is one of the reasons I felt it so important to leave my job at the library.

Anyway, I’ve been dealing with this reoccurring pain for over a year now. It comes and goes, but when it’s here, I’m basically paralyzed with pain. Right now, I can’t tip my head or turn it at all. I feel like I’m 80 years old. It’s horrible. I’ve been trying to stay positive, but yesterday I lost it. I got in the shower hoping that the hot water would help and I started crying out of frustration. I couldn’t stop crying. I’m just so tired of being in pain, not knowing why, and not knowing what to do about it. I can’t go to Pilates, I can’t bike, I struggle to teach my dance classes.

It’s just affecting my entire life and I’m so sick of it. I’m going to get back in to the doctor this week and hope that he has something else we can try. I’m pretty over being prescribed muscle relaxers and pain pills and sent on my way. I need real help to get rid of this. Well, thanks for reading my complaints. It’s funny how just expressing your frustrations can help you deal with them.

We went for sushi on Friday night. I’d basically been unable to move all Friday and I think Andy felt sorry for me so he took me out. On Saturday we had tickets to the Big Ass Show. Again, because of the pain I was in, I had to stand at the back the entire time. Ugh! Yesterday Andy cleaned out the hot tub and refilled it so that I can soak in it each night. It’s really only temporary relief but it’s better than nothing.

Anyone experienced chronic pain before? Any suggestions?


4 thoughts on “A Peek Into Her Week

  1. Love the pics. Sorry you're in pain. I know how much that sucks. The only thing I would consider is doing some non traditional medicine. Maybe some eastern medicine. You could even try some chakra cleansing type energy work. You never know what will work for you. My friend who does that stuff is Christina and I know she can connect with you on the phone. http://iloveintuition.com/

  2. Please let me know how your doctor visit goes with your back. Believe it or not I have the same problem. It's the same spot on my right side that can shoot all the way into my neck also. About 6 years ago I lifted a piece of furniture wrong and I do believe it has caused this permanent damage to some muscles in my back. You can feel huge knots in my back and it hurts to even rub it. :( My back pain in mainly triggered by pulling heavy carts loads of stuff at work and sometimes sitting at my computer too long. I try to use my left arm more now, which helps. It sounds like our pain is very similar, so I will be curious to hear about what yours is. I have not gone to the doctor for mine. I don't want to take pain meds! I do use ICY HOT sometimes, but it only does so much.

  3. Yep! That sounds like exactly what I'm going through. I plan to write a follow up post about what I've learned about it and how I am coping with it. It's horrible though. My back has 'flared up' about three times in the last year. Each time I was pretty much paralyzed with pain. It makes me feel like I'm 80 years old or something! I'm relatively active so it's frustrating to be completely down and out. I really hope we can both find a solution to the problem because I don't want to live with this for the rest of my life.

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