Make Your Own: Halloween Wreath

wreath 2

Last week as I was putting up my Halloween decorations I realized I didn’t have anything to hang on the front door. I decided that I would make a wreath with whatever I could find on clearance at the craft store. They happened to have tulle for a good price and their Halloween ribbon was on sale.


This wreath is super simple to recreate. You’ll need a ring like the foam one I purchased. It doesn’t have to be foam, there are lots of options at the craft store. You could even use a large embroidery hoop if you didn’t want the ‘fat’ wreath look that I went for.
I cut my tulle into strips about 12 inches long and simple tied them in a double knot around the ring, leaving the long ends facing outward. Just keep cutting and tying your tulle. Push the strips of tulle close enough together that the wreath doesn’t show through. You can make it as bushy as you like.

wreath 3

Then I added a cute bow out of Halloween ribbon to my wreath. I followed this bow making tutorial and it turned out great. It’s attached to the wreath with hot glue, as is the ribbon that I added to hang it from.
And that’s it! If you want to make your wreath even spookier, hang a bat or a spider from the center of it.

wreath 1

Happy Halloween Crafting!!

2 thoughts on “Make Your Own: Halloween Wreath

  1. You should do this! I found a 50% off coupon from JoAnn's. The tulle was only like $3 each. It only took me about an hour while I was watching tv to tie all the tulle on. You could even buy a premade bow or other embellishment to save time and just glue it on. Easy peasy!

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