October is here!

Welcome October
Wow, we’re already in to October two days. I intended to have this up by the 1st but wanted to think about my goals a little bit, because they’ve actually changed in just the last couple of days.

In October I will…

~Try to determine what’s causing my back pain
~Read more than I did in September
~Reorganize the pantry and draft up a new menu plan for the month
~Make sure Andy has an awesome birthday
~Boost my blog readership by networking more
~Decorate a pumpkin

What do you hope to do in October?

4 thoughts on “October is here!

  1. Yay goals. I need to figure out some winter workout options for sure. Hopefully I'll stop being lazy and make an appointment to either get new glasses or fix my broken ones.

  2. Yeah, I need to figure out a new workout routine. One that is more low key while my back is still healing. It's about time for me to make an eye doctor appointment too. Such a hassle!

  3. I have never decorated a pumpkin! LOL I hoped to bike again, but it's basically winter here now because of the wind!!! We'll see. I think I am going to start writing hand written letters to family and friends back in Ohio. I feel so jaded since I moved away from them.

  4. I'll have to decorate my pumpkin with paint or something. I can never carve one because I have a phobia of knives, lol. I'd be afraid I'd accidentally slice a finger off or something. The hand written letters is a fabulous idea! I've been thinking of doing something nice for one member of my family each week until the end of the year- like a small care package or something.

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