Custom office design by Curio Design Studio

A while back I won a custom design package from Curio Design Studio after entering a giveaway hosted by Jessie at My Mod Style. I was super excited about this because I’d been recently wishing I had someone to help me figure out how to set up a functional office/craft room for Andy and I.
Working with designer Allison Harlow was so much fun and easy too! Allison provided me with a questionnaire that I filled in explaining what my needs for the room were and what type of design asthetic I was drawn to. Then I emailed her dimensions of the room as well as a few snapshots of the space I had taken. Allison took it from there.


It was so simple and easy and when I got the design boards back a few weeks later I was amazed at how Allison had been able to put together a perfect room for us. She nailed it! I absolutely love the design.
Here’s what the room looks like- a hodge podge of random crap that I can’t figure out where to put. Ugh!

craft room before

craft room before

We needed this room to have two work spaces- one for Andy to work on the computer and one for myself to work on the computer, sew, and scrapbook/craft. The windows in the room had been so annoying because they took away perfectly good wall space. I just couldn’t get past how much I hated them to actually see a functional space in the room. Allison helped us to see how we could use the space to our fullest advantage.
And here’s what Allison designed for us:




Awesome, right? I am in love with the fact that I have a separate place to do computer work. It’s been annoying to move the computer off the table just so I could pull out the sewing machine and vice versa. I love the extra table space for laying out fabrics and other things I’m working on too. It’s perfect.
She also provided us with pricing options and product information so we can go out and get everything we need to create the room she designed for us within the budget that we set. Easy peasy!!


What do you think? Allison did a great job, didn’t she? Thanks Curio Design Studio!! 
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4 thoughts on “Custom office design by Curio Design Studio

  1. This is awesome. I was just about to email you and ask how the design was going. It is very you! I can't wait to see the room finished. Sometimes it is so much better to have some help.

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