Fall TV: Shows we’re hooked on

It wasn’t until last year that I discovered the awesomeness that is Fall TV. I blame Megan, Jacqlin, Rachael, and Jackie for this because they got me hooked. Now, I actually keep up with some shows the same way I keep up with some blogs. From January to September I don’t really watch much TV, so I don’t feel guilty about binging on it for a few months in the fall!

We don’t have cable but we do pay $8 a month for Hulu which we can stream to our TV, so that’s nice- even though some shows (Downton Abbey and Walking Dead) aren’t on Hulu.

I thought I’d share my favorites today- but, I want to know yours. I am not beyond adding more to my list if you say they’re awesome!

Revolution– A world without electricity
Up All Night– Bridging the gap between the cool life you once lived, to a new life of parenting.
Once Upon A Time– All your favorite fairytales are real
Grimm– The story of a Grimm hunting down monsters you and I can’t see
Downton Abbey– Tangled lives of the upper class and the servant class
Ben and Kate– Very funny show of a sister, her daughter, and a brother. Who’s raising who?
Walking Dead– Zombie apocalypse.
Parks and Recreation– Hilariously funny small town politics.

What are your favorites?


4 thoughts on “Fall TV: Shows we’re hooked on

  1. I'm always looking for more things to watch so I'm definitely going to check them out! I really like New Girl and I've watched game of thrones with my boyfriend.

  2. I wish The Walking Dead was on Hulu so we could drop our cable!! We haven't even turned our TV on since Sunday night!! LOL We don't watch any of those other shows. I love Dexter, but don't have Showtime. I just always buy the seasons on DVD. There is no way I could wait for Walking Dead though!!!

  3. Some of these i haven't seen and others i love. (Parks and Rec!) I need to jump on the Downton Abbey bandwagon. I've gotten into Revenge lately and if you don't watch Modern Family you need to. Those are my recommendations.

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