Impromptu Day at the Zoo

On Sunday morning we took a drive to Salt Lake to have breakfast at Ruth’s Diner- up Emigration Canyon. We’d never been there before but several of our friends had told us we needed to try it. It’s your quintessential rail car diner. It’s been around 80 years- according to their menu- and had been built on to.

ruth'sandy breakfast

We both got french toast- walnut banana bread f.t. for me and pecan cinnamon roll f.t. for Andy. Both were delicious- and also way too much food. Not to mention we had already eaten the complimentary melt in your mouth biscuits, so we were stuffed.
The plan after breakfast was to continue on to IKEA to make a return, but on the way down the canyon we drove by the zoo. “We should go to the zoo,” I said. So Andy flipped the car around and we went!

turtlewhite fox

It was the perfect day- not too many people there, sunny, warm, and most of the animals were out and about. The highlight of the zoo trip was the polar bear who was playing games (and having a grand time of it) with the little kids watching through the glass. It was a peek-a-boo sort of game that had the kids screaming and laughing. Both bear and kids kept coming back for more. Too cute.

polar beargiraffe

We did eventually make it to IKEA and also stopped at Scheel’s, just to see what all the fuss was about. We were not all that impressed. It’s a giant sporting goods store- big whoop, in my opinion. But all in all it was a lovely day! 
Do you have a zoo in your area?


6 thoughts on “Impromptu Day at the Zoo

  1. I hope I can check out that zoo sometime. I love Salt Lake City. I also want to go to that IKEA. The Denver Zoo is the closest to us. It's a very nice zoo. I hope to go this winter for the Christmas decorations.

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