My November Playlist

I know some of you can relate when I say that I love music. It’s not just this little statement, but I love music. I love the way it makes me feel. I love that it so often makes me think. I love that it makes me smile and usually makes me either want to get up and move or stay quiet laying on my bed and just enjoying the moment.
I always listen to music with an open mind- I’ll listen to anything from screaming metal to bluegrass- and I love it all. Music is powerful and it’s always been a source of energy, comfort, and inspiration to me. I relate significant moments in my life to the music I was listening to at the time, and I love that connection.
I remember the first time I heard Shiver Shiver by Walk The Moon. I thought my heart was going to burst. There have been many songs and bands over the years that have elicited that response in me. Does music ever make you feel that indescribable way? Nine Inch Nails, The Last Goodnight, Mika, and even Brittney Spears has made me feel that indescribable way at one point or another. Every time a song does that to me, it’s always different- the emotions I mean. Sometimes it’s overwhelming excitement and joy, sometimes quiet sorrow. But one thing is certain- it’s always powerful and I crave it.
So as I said, my taste in music is pretty eclectic, but this is what’s on replay this month. Listen to the whole thing, you just might find something you like!

(If you’re reading via an RSS feed, you’ll need to click over to the blog to be able to see the playlist. )

PS_ You’ll need to scroll the playlist down to get it all.


6 thoughts on “My November Playlist

  1. I just listened to the whole thing. I enjoyed it. I have so much to pack, so it was nice to have it on while doing that. Violet posted a playlist months ago and I enjoyed hers also, here is the link! :)

  2. That's how I am, so I figured you would like it. Of course you probably listen to most everything on mine already! HA! Florence and Foster the People. Have a great weekend. :)

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