The Evolution of Sharing

I brought Ash’s bed upstairs so she could get cozy in this chili winter weather. She loves her pillow.

There’s just one problem. Mauney loves her pillow too. She started stealing it. Every time Ash would go to lay down, Mauney would already be there.

mauney on ash's bed
Below is Mauney’s actual bed. She likes it quite a bit, but in the evening she prefers to be out in the living room with us and that’s where Ash’s bed is.

Mauneys bed
It took awhile, but they finally figured out that the pillow was big enough for the both of them. Now they begrudgingly happily share the space every evening.

sharingsnuggledMauney bed
But really Ash and Mauney have always been friends. They play fight with each other and Mauney likes to lick/groom Ash. It’s kind of funny to watch.

Mauney peeking
henry box
Henry has no interest in Ash’s bed. He just finds the nearest box and that suits him just fine.


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