12 Improvements in 2012

There are many things that I’d like to improve on in my life and there are a few keys improvements that I think I could make that would drastically up the quality of my life and happiness.

So the idea is to introduce 12 new habits into my life in 2012 and hopefully be a ‘new me’ by the end of the year.


Here are the improvements I’d like to make in no specific order:

1. Be kinder and more patient with my family
2. Tone up my body
3. Increase flexibility
4. Pack healthy lunches every day
5. Build up savings account
6. Organize my home and keep it that way
7. Develop a nightly beauty routine
8. Take better care of my dog (walk her, play with her, give her time)
9. Read for pleasure
10. Blog consistently
11. Reduce food waste, meal plan for dinners & try new recipes
12. Stop little bad habits (like biting my nails, etc)

Of course I’d like all these improvements to be implemented into my life right away but I know it’s not that easy. Perhaps I’ll try introducing a new habit each month, work on it for that month while tracking my progress and then continue it throughout the year, slowly building up to where I’ve made all 12 improvements. I’m going to try to work out a game plan this week and decide the best way to try this.
If you’d like to participate as well that would be great! I got the original idea from Katherine and you can sign up through her blog or you can just quietly do it on your own!