Impromptu Day at the Zoo

On Sunday morning we took a drive to Salt Lake to have breakfast at Ruth’s Diner- up Emigration Canyon. We’d never been there before but several of our friends had told us we needed to try it. It’s your quintessential rail car diner. It’s been around 80 years- according to their menu- and had been built on to.

ruth'sandy breakfast

We both got french toast- walnut banana bread f.t. for me and pecan cinnamon roll f.t. for Andy. Both were delicious- and also way too much food. Not to mention we had already eaten the complimentary melt in your mouth biscuits, so we were stuffed.
The plan after breakfast was to continue on to IKEA to make a return, but on the way down the canyon we drove by the zoo. “We should go to the zoo,” I said. So Andy flipped the car around and we went!

turtlewhite fox

It was the perfect day- not too many people there, sunny, warm, and most of the animals were out and about. The highlight of the zoo trip was the polar bear who was playing games (and having a grand time of it) with the little kids watching through the glass. It was a peek-a-boo sort of game that had the kids screaming and laughing. Both bear and kids kept coming back for more. Too cute.

polar beargiraffe

We did eventually make it to IKEA and also stopped at Scheel’s, just to see what all the fuss was about. We were not all that impressed. It’s a giant sporting goods store- big whoop, in my opinion. But all in all it was a lovely day! 
Do you have a zoo in your area?


Fall TV: Shows we’re hooked on

It wasn’t until last year that I discovered the awesomeness that is Fall TV. I blame Megan, Jacqlin, Rachael, and Jackie for this because they got me hooked. Now, I actually keep up with some shows the same way I keep up with some blogs. From January to September I don’t really watch much TV, so I don’t feel guilty about binging on it for a few months in the fall!

We don’t have cable but we do pay $8 a month for Hulu which we can stream to our TV, so that’s nice- even though some shows (Downton Abbey and Walking Dead) aren’t on Hulu.

I thought I’d share my favorites today- but, I want to know yours. I am not beyond adding more to my list if you say they’re awesome!

Revolution– A world without electricity
Up All Night– Bridging the gap between the cool life you once lived, to a new life of parenting.
Once Upon A Time– All your favorite fairytales are real
Grimm– The story of a Grimm hunting down monsters you and I can’t see
Downton Abbey– Tangled lives of the upper class and the servant class
Ben and Kate– Very funny show of a sister, her daughter, and a brother. Who’s raising who?
Walking Dead– Zombie apocalypse.
Parks and Recreation– Hilariously funny small town politics.

What are your favorites?

Monday stuff

Hello! I am loving today so much. As I sit here I can hear the rain starting to pelt down on the windows. I’ve been waiting for it all day and it’s finally here. I’m not usually one who likes poor weather but lately I’ve been longing for something to make it feel more cozy around here. Rain and snow seems to do that.
We played a couple of rounds of Haunted Mini Golf this weekend. We went to two different places to play. I’m kind of a mini golf addict. I really, really love it. I’m no good at it, but I love to play.

andy golfingkim golfing
us mini golfing

I’ve been doing a lot of Project Life lately. I’m currently taking Becky Higgin’s Big Picture Class which focuses on memory keeping the everyday life (not just the big events.) Having such a fab time with it!! I haven’t scrapped seriously since I was in high school and I didn’t realize how much I’d missed this fun way to record my life. I am looking forward to having a finished book that I can flip through and remember these days.
I made chocolate chip bar cookies today after a mad sweet craving hit me. I’m pretty sure they will be gone in a day because they are so good! Ashland and I went walking this afternoon, which I think is what made me so hungry.
I took a ton of stuff to the DI-donations today. It felt so, so good to purge. It was stuff that had just been sitting around, taking up space in the corner of the basement, and most definitely not getting used anymore. I absolutely hate having stuff just laying around that isn’t being used or doesn’t have any sentimental value. I just don’t see the point in keeping stuff, just to keep it, just in case I might use it in the next ten years- unless it has special meaning to me, of course.
I’m considering starting up with Bountiful Baskets again. I’ve been feeling very uninspired when it comes to cooking dinner lately. I might get a basket here and there just to spark the creative cooking juices again.
We watched Nightmare Before Christmas last night at Andy’s request. He’d never seen it when we first started dating and I remedied that real quick. It’s one of our favorites now. I’m hoping to catch the next Walking Dead episode online tonight. We don’t have cable so we have to find it online a few days after it airs. I’d pay for cable just to watch Walking Dead. Seriously.

A Peek Into Her Week

Mauney taco Mauney Taco andy's family Andy’s family came down and his mom brought dinner and treats to celebrate Andy and Corey’s birthday. Their birthday’s happen to be two days apart. We ate over at Corey’s. teachertechclass.“Tips for Teaching 1st to 4th Grade Jazz/Tap/Ballet Class”Later that night I taught a workshop to other dance teachers. The class was meant to help those teachers who were new to teaching the younger kids. It went well and I even got a request to make my ‘tip class’ a monthly occurrence.
andy birthday We celebrated Andy’s birthday with dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.
cheesecake factory
cheesecake factory
packingOn Friday I went up to Cache Valley to help my mom pack up her kitchen. It took us all day but we’re making headway. She’ll be moving closer to us at the end of the month. 
odyssey dance thriller We went to see Odyssey Dance Theater’s production of Thriller with my family on Saturday.
odyssey dance theater thrillerThis is one show that everyone should see at least once. It’s been a fun Halloween tradition for us each year. 
us at the show


A Peek Into Her Week

Henry in grasssushipumpkinsgreen peppersblue limonhot tubconcert 2concerttrain
You guys, this has been a great weekend, but a rough one. My back pain is back. Awesome, right? I’m sorry to bore you with this, I just really need to get it off my chest. According to my doctor, I have trigger points in my upper back. They’re hypersensitive areas of my muscle that can get really ticked off and knot up all over my back, causing extreme pain. As far as what causes mine, we’re still not sure. If you overwork the muscle or have a lot of stress in your life that can cause it, but I don’t think I’m doing that. It can also be caused by sitting at a computer all day- which is one of the reasons I felt it so important to leave my job at the library.

Anyway, I’ve been dealing with this reoccurring pain for over a year now. It comes and goes, but when it’s here, I’m basically paralyzed with pain. Right now, I can’t tip my head or turn it at all. I feel like I’m 80 years old. It’s horrible. I’ve been trying to stay positive, but yesterday I lost it. I got in the shower hoping that the hot water would help and I started crying out of frustration. I couldn’t stop crying. I’m just so tired of being in pain, not knowing why, and not knowing what to do about it. I can’t go to Pilates, I can’t bike, I struggle to teach my dance classes.

It’s just affecting my entire life and I’m so sick of it. I’m going to get back in to the doctor this week and hope that he has something else we can try. I’m pretty over being prescribed muscle relaxers and pain pills and sent on my way. I need real help to get rid of this. Well, thanks for reading my complaints. It’s funny how just expressing your frustrations can help you deal with them.

We went for sushi on Friday night. I’d basically been unable to move all Friday and I think Andy felt sorry for me so he took me out. On Saturday we had tickets to the Big Ass Show. Again, because of the pain I was in, I had to stand at the back the entire time. Ugh! Yesterday Andy cleaned out the hot tub and refilled it so that I can soak in it each night. It’s really only temporary relief but it’s better than nothing.

Anyone experienced chronic pain before? Any suggestions?

Her Weekend-1st Cycling Event Recap

Is it seriously Monday morning already? Sometimes it’s just not fair how fast the weekend flies by! Congratulations to Rebecca, who won the Target pillow giveaway! Also, thank you all so much for participating in the giveaway and thank you to those of you who filled out my little survey. It helped me tremendously!

Now, I have to tell you about a little adventure we had on Saturday morning. Andy and I participated in our first cycling event! It was a non-competitive bicycle tour of 40, 60, and 100 mile routes. The proceeds from the event went to help people with disabilities participate in outdoor recreational activities.

I’ll be honest, I was nervous and didn’t feel at all prepared. We signed up for the event just two weeks ago and had only ridden a little before then. The most I’d ever gone was 20 miles in one ride. I considered dropping out up until just an hour before the event was to start. But in the end, I decided to go for it and see how much I could do, and I’m glad I did! I think it helped my nerves that it wasn’t actually a race.

cvc ride andy and I

I finished the 40 mile course and Andy finished the 60 mile course. It took me about 2 hours and 45 minutes as I was only going around 15 mph the entire time. It wasn’t easy, but I can confidently say that I could probably do more if we had trained correctly. That makes me excited to try again!

The course wasn’t too bad and only a few sections gave me some trouble. The first hour of the race was rough because it was so damn cold! I didn’t drink much water because my freezing hands couldn’t maneuver the water bottle while I was riding. That slowed me down a lot. While the downhills should have provided some relief, they were worse in the cold air. It was much better when it began to warm up a little.

cvc my bike

Honestly, the huge feeling of accomplishment I got when I crossed that finish line was enough to make me want to do this again. It’s kind of fun finding out that you can do more than you really thought you could. I was definitely sore and tired when I finished, but it was worth it!


I know some of you are working on fitness goals. What have you made yourself try and were surprised in the end that you could actually do?


On Tuesday we decided to go to the Pioneer Days Rodeo and celebrate the 24th of July. If you’re not from Utah, then you may or may not know that we celebrate the settling of the Pioneers in Utah on the 24th of July. Anyway, heading over to the rodeo was a last minute decision but we’re glad we went. We had a great time. I thought I’d share some of the photos I took. It was hard to get anything good but here they are.







(we got photo bombed! He he.)
We didn’t get home until pretty late but we had fun!

Her Weekend

This weekend we spent some time in Logan for a friend’s wedding and then to visit Andy’s dad for Father’s Day. While we were up there we had dinner at Elements. So much food but it was all amazing! On Saturday we drove to Wyoming for Nellie’s 2nd Birthday party. Our family went in on a gift together and got her a slide since she’s been loving the slide at the park lately. Sunday I went to visit my friend Heather and see her new townhouse. We ate on the deck a couple of times this week and it’s been really nice weather. We’re trying to finish up a few things before we take off for California on Wednesday. I feel so tired today!

{Dinner at Elements- Asian Salmon with Sweet Potatoes and Gorgonzola Steak Pasta}

elements 2
{Dessert-Raspberry Chocolate Cheesecake with Sorbet and Chocolate with Coconut Frozen Mousse}

Nellie 2nd Birthday
{Nellie is 2!! No ‘other’ surprises this year. Wow, she’s grown up a lot since that day.}

Nellie and mom
{Nellie and her mama with her butterfly birthday cake}

Nellie combs my hair with pony comb
{Nellie combing my hair with her ‘pony comb,’ a My Little Pony comb}

Nellie combs my hair
{She’s been watching her mom do hair. She knows what to do.}

Nellie slide
{In her words: “1, 2, 3, SLIIIIIIIDE!!….. ONE MORE TIME!!}

craft flower door hanger
{A little crafty time making a gift for a friend- Andy helped me!}


{Dinner on the deck with Henry just chillin in the flower box}

henry flower

{A ‘Henry Flower’}
How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?