Body Rock-Fit Test

I’ve decided to do the 30 Day Body Rock Challenge. I did my fit test today and these are my scores:

Squat Jumps- 26
Push Ups- 12
Burpees- 9
High Knees- 35
Switch Lunges- 17
Tuck Jumps- 6
Straight Abs- 18

Well, as you can see, by the time I got towards the last few exercises I was dying and couldn’t do much. I also didn’t do many Switch Lunges because I have bad knees. I’m hoping my knees will improve as I build muscle though. They’ve already posted the workout for Day 1 but I will be waiting until tomorrow to do it. Also, I’m not sure that I will be doing the workout on the weekends. I may chose to take those days as rest considering I haven’t worked out in years and my body is going to have a difficult transition time.

Last thing to note is that I’ve never done the Body Rock workouts before so I’m hoping that I can get through them without having to buy any of the equipment. I may have to skip some exercises or adapt them to work with what I have. We’ll see!