5 tips for surviving a job


We’ve all been there- working somewhere that just isn’t making you happy for one reason or another. 
It may be the work that you do, your fellow coworkers, or your boss that is making the situation difficult for you. It may also be your own restlessness to move on to the next phase of your life that makes staying where you are difficult. 
In any case, it can really suck the life out of you and if you’re not careful, the sourness from your job can carry over in to your personal life.
But if you’re not quite ready to pull the plug for one reason or another, here are five ideas for surviving until you are ready to move on.
1. List the positive. Think clear back to when you applied for the job and remind yourself what made it appealing in the beginning. Also remind yourself what you loved about it when you first started. Make a list of the things about the job that you like: good pay or benefits, stimulating work, great view from your office window, etc. Then try to focus on those positive things.
2. Challenge yourself.  Often when people get tired of their job, they tend to ‘check out.’ I try really hard to do the opposite. I really step up my game. You never know, this may get you noticed and lead to a new, more exciting project or a promotion to a better position.  Sometimes it’s just boredom that makes me tired of my job. Challenge yourself in some way at work. Maybe ask to be involved with a new assignment or take it upon yourself to do something that you see needs to be done. New things will help break up your day.
3. Find a friend. For me it helps to have someone in the office that I can talk to. We like to talk about things that interest us, funny things that happened to us, and our families. Those short conversations throughout the day help to take my mind off my job for a minute and get me smiling or laughing. Sometimes we commiserate about work but I always try to keep those conversations to a minimum- you never know when they could come back to bite you in the butt.
4. Consider your goals. Maybe you’re already doing this, but while you’re stuck in your current job, think about how you can get to where you really want to be. Maybe this job is an important rung on the ladder to your ultimate career goal. Your current job will almost always be important as a reference, so don’t burn bridges. Even if you’re unhappy, you can still be a good employee and eventually exit with a great reference and come out on top.Remind yourself what it is about this job that is preparing your and training you for the job you really want.
5. Take a break. If your boss allows breaks, take them. More importantly, get away from your work area a couple of times a day if possible. Even taking a short walk around the parking lot, while listening to my IPod is sometimes enough to recharge me and help me power through the rest of the day. When you’re back in the office also try changing up your normal schedule, just to break out of that boring routine. On a side note, make sure that you stay active in your personal life. Take a bike ride or go on a hike after work. Those ‘happy’ endorphins are powerful things!
Do you do any of these things? What helps you tough out a not so great working situation?