Her Weekend

This weekend we spent some time in Logan for a friend’s wedding and then to visit Andy’s dad for Father’s Day. While we were up there we had dinner at Elements. So much food but it was all amazing! On Saturday we drove to Wyoming for Nellie’s 2nd Birthday party. Our family went in on a gift together and got her a slide since she’s been loving the slide at the park lately. Sunday I went to visit my friend Heather and see her new townhouse. We ate on the deck a couple of times this week and it’s been really nice weather. We’re trying to finish up a few things before we take off for California on Wednesday. I feel so tired today!

{Dinner at Elements- Asian Salmon with Sweet Potatoes and Gorgonzola Steak Pasta}

elements 2
{Dessert-Raspberry Chocolate Cheesecake with Sorbet and Chocolate with Coconut Frozen Mousse}

Nellie 2nd Birthday
{Nellie is 2!! No ‘other’ surprises this year. Wow, she’s grown up a lot since that day.}

Nellie and mom
{Nellie and her mama with her butterfly birthday cake}

Nellie combs my hair with pony comb
{Nellie combing my hair with her ‘pony comb,’ a My Little Pony comb}

Nellie combs my hair
{She’s been watching her mom do hair. She knows what to do.}

Nellie slide
{In her words: “1, 2, 3, SLIIIIIIIDE!!….. ONE MORE TIME!!}

craft flower door hanger
{A little crafty time making a gift for a friend- Andy helped me!}


{Dinner on the deck with Henry just chillin in the flower box}

henry flower

{A ‘Henry Flower’}
How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?


Happy Birthday Mom!

We’re having a little shin dig with the extended family for my mom’s birthday since it’s such an epic day! I can’t wait to see everyone and celebrate with my mom. Great way to kick off the weekend. Happy Birthday Mom. Love you!


Pining for…

While internet window shopping for Andy’s birthday (why is that boy so hard to buy for?) I accidentally started shopping for myself. Oops! But here’s what’s currently on my wishlist.

Grace Bonney’s new book:


This RumbaTime Glitter Watch:

Roman Shades for the kitchen:

Fantastic Totokaelo Necklace:

Okay, back to shopping for Andy. I learned very quickly to make him give me a wishlist. When I tried to guess what he’d like it was always a fail! He’s so particular!


we’ve been doing stuff

Well, I thought I should get on here and do a quick update.

Andy sold his truck:


and then we bought a new/old one. It was a fun adventure going down to Salt Lake to buy it but that’s a story for another day. This truck makes me think of my dad:

We also bought a new gas oven, which we love! Our old oven had a glass cooktop that was cracked across the length of it and two of the burners only worked on high. So when Andy suggested we use some of the truck money to invest in a decent stove, I quickly agreed and we managed to cash in on a Labor Day sale.

Andy and Corey have spent the last couple of nights staining the hot tub. It needed some TLC. Now we just have to decide whether to keep it or not. It’s kind of high maintenance, however it has been nice to have. Last year I even had a doctor prescribe that I sit in it for a half hour every night for two hours! Well, she said “hot bath” and I heard “hot tub.” Same diff, right?

We also managed to get some peas and beans planted for the fall. We may have been a little late in getting it done but hopefully we’ll still get something before the first freeze:

We’ve been enjoying our freezer meals quite a bit. It’s been very convenient and as you can see, we still have plenty more to last us a while!

Lastly, see the dog run? Obviously we bought it thinking we would use it all the time. However, we never use it. So the plan is to sell it and put a garden shed in its place. Andy’s been drawing up plans for one that will fit all our garden paraphernalia, bikes, and possibly our camping gear. You know, so the garage can be just for manly car stuff, haha. But of course, plans for a garden shed have been added to a long list of to do’s, so it may be a while before one actually materializes.

That’s about it for now. We’ve been busy but we’ve managed some fun time too. We went to see The Help last week and really enjoyed it. In the last month we have also fit in a bike ride, listened to our audio book, tried a new restaurant in Salt Lake, bought tickets to the X96 Big A** Show for Andy’s b-day, went on a drive to Bear Lake and ate at La Beau’s, and on Saturday we’ll be heading up to Logan to visit family.


Happy Birthday!


This lovely lady is my grandma. She is 80 years old today. Hard to believe, right? She’s absolutely gorgeous and I love her so much. I had dinner at her house once and she taught me a great lesson about love. She probably doesn’t even realize that what she said to me that day was so meaningful…but I will never forget.

I love you Grandma. I hope you have a fantastic day.