Her Weekend + A New Project

Before I share our weekend photos with you, I have something else to share. I’ve been working on a new project. It’s something that I’ve wanted to get going for awhile now and I finally decided to go for it. I’m very, very excited about it!
Maybe this won’t thrill many of you, as it does me, but I’ve been working on a new blog the last few days. A blog centered around my first love- books. I’ve known for awhile that this was something that I should pursue, because I really felt that I could be successful at it.
It’s called Bookmark To Blog and will include lots of fun things for readers and non-readers alike! I hope you’ll show your support by clicking over and checking it out! I’ve written a welcome post to explain what the blog is all about and all the fun things I’ll be doing over there. Plus- there will be a giveaway involved!


I plan to spend a lot of time on Bookmark To Blog, but I won’t be abandoning Her Sunday either. I have exciting future plans for both spaces!! Even, if you’re not a book person, you can understand how exciting it is to finally start actively pursuing a goal, right?
So, my friends. You’ve been so unbelievably supportive of Her Sunday and I appreciate that more than you know! (The fun doesn’t stop here!)
I would love for you to click over to Bookmark To Blog and drop me a line. It’s still just a shell of the vision I have for it, but all that will come in time, so stop in often to see what’s going on in both spaces!
So Cheers to more blogging adventures and to all the good friends I’ve connected with along the way!! You guys are great!

Now, on to a couple weekend photos!

blanching cornyellow bell pepper and anaheimdance class notesRootbeer Float softserve

It was all about veggies, planning for dance, and Rootbeer float flavored icecream this weekend. Sadly it was all about studying for Andy this weekend. But Monday is the last day of his summer Master’s class, so the end is just about here. Have a great week everyone!

Do you like softserve icecream, old fashioned icecream or frozen yogurt?