Last night and remembering why I believe in Pilates

Last night Andy and I went for tapas at Tin Angel Cafe and then to Saltair for the Foster The People concert. Those guys really know how to put on a great concert. There were zero down time moments and the energy just built the entire time. The atmosphere was amazing.

This is what we were in last night. The Encore Finale- Pumped Up Kicks (of course.) Everyone jumping, sweating, screaming, clapping, singing–I love concerts.

We got home late, but I made myself get up early to drive to Salt Lake for Pilates. Remember how I’ve been complaining that I can’t find any decent Pilates classes close to my home? Well, I finally decided that if I wanted to get trained right, then I was willing to drive to Salt Lake every day for it.
I want to go into more detail about why I’m choosing to study Pilates, but I’ll save that for another day. I know this is what my body and mind need. Anyway, I did a bunch of research, and finally decided to try Streamline Body Pilates. I was not disappointed this time! It was awesome.

off to class

Ten years ago I took my first Pilates class at Weber State and I was spoiled. The teacher I had was amazing. She emphasized form and alignment, while referencing the proper names of the muscles and bones we should be focusing on. She taught us how to breath and how to use our mind to focus energy and strength to certain areas of our bodies. I fell in love with how Pilates made me feel in that class. In all, I took that class four different semesters while I was in college, even though it wasn’t counting toward my degree.
That told me something- Pilates was a good place for me. I wanted to be there on the mat every day.
Since that time I’ve searched off and on for another Pilates experience as good as that one, and haven’t been able to find it–until now. I started to worry that the first teacher I learned from had created an illusion in my head about how great Pilates was and that it wasn’t really like that. (If you’ve gone to a group Pilates class at a local gym you probably haven’t had a true Pilates experience.) But about fifteen minutes into the class today, I realized that everything about the experience I was having was good and so familiar to that first Pilates class at Weber State that made me love it.
As the teacher today called out things like “engage your pelvis while keeping a neutral spine,” and “pull your belly button to your back,” I thought, ‘I want to be her. I want to help people feel as good as I feel right now.’
I can’t say enough good things about Pilates. It’s more than just exercising to burn calories. It’s about creating and maintaining a strong, healthy body from your core outwards. It’s about awareness of the way your joints function, the way your muscles engage and the way that every part of your body -including your mind and breath- work together.
I’m excited to continue learning and training towards becoming certified to teach it.