Book of Lists

Her Sundays Book of Lists
I am a list maker. I make lists of groceries, lists of chores, lists of books I want to read, lists of places I want to go, and the list goes on and on! So naturally, I thought it would be super fun to join up with Kathleen's Book of Lists project over at Kapachino.

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Make Your Own: Halloween Wreath

wreath 2

Last week as I was putting up my Halloween decorations I realized I didn’t have anything to hang on the front door. I decided that I would make a wreath with whatever I could find on clearance at the craft store. They happened to have tulle for a good price and their Halloween ribbon was on sale.


This wreath is super simple to recreate. You’ll need a ring like the foam one I purchased. It doesn’t have to be foam, there are lots of options at the craft store. You could even use a large embroidery hoop if you didn’t want the ‘fat’ wreath look that I went for.
I cut my tulle into strips about 12 inches long and simple tied them in a double knot around the ring, leaving the long ends facing outward. Just keep cutting and tying your tulle. Push the strips of tulle close enough together that the wreath doesn’t show through. You can make it as bushy as you like.

wreath 3

Then I added a cute bow out of Halloween ribbon to my wreath. I followed this bow making tutorial and it turned out great. It’s attached to the wreath with hot glue, as is the ribbon that I added to hang it from.
And that’s it! If you want to make your wreath even spookier, hang a bat or a spider from the center of it.

wreath 1

Happy Halloween Crafting!!

Summery front door hanger diy

Hi guys. Today I wanted to share with you a little project I did a couple of weeks ago. I put it together as a housewarming gift for a friend of mine.


I picked up some red and yellow acryllic paint, cute scrapbook paper, red ribbon, wire to hang the flower from, and some yellow glitter.


I got these wood cut-outs from Wood Creations. They had a ton of things to choose from, but in the end, I gravitated toward the flower with the spiral center. I thought it was fun and summery and would look so cute on someone’s front door. Certainly you could cut your own wood if you had the right equipment and the time.

I started out by painting the spiral yellow. I also painted the edges of the flower red. I only painted what I knew would end up being visible on the finished product. Getting in between those petals was a little tough and you have to be careful that you don’t end up with big globs of paint in some places.


Andy helped me figure out how to layout the two pieces of scrapbook paper so that they would cover the entire flower. We also had to make sure that the pattern on the paper would line up so our ‘seam’ would look as ‘seamless’ as possible. This was tough and although I loved the paper that I chose, next time I might choose something with an easier pattern to match.


I used a pencil to trace out the pattern. I then cut it out and layed it over top of the wood flower to make sure it all fit. None of the petals were the same size so this was a little bit of a challenge.


I used Mod Podge to attach the paper to the wood. Isn’t Mod Podge the best crafty tool ever? Afterwards I turned to my attention back to the spiral center.


I applied Mod Podge to that as well and then heaped a generous amount of yellow sugar glitter over the top. I shook off the extra glitter after it had dried a bit.


Then I used a glue gun to attach the spiral center to the main body of the flower. Almost finished! Andy helped me thread the hanging wire through and get it positioned just right. Wood Creations pre-drills holes for this purpose, which makes it really nice. We used the handle of our paint brush to make curly Q’s in the wire.


We put curly Q’s at the top of the wire, where it would hang from a nail, and on both edges to keep it from slipping out of the wood. I tied the red ribbon to the wire and let the ends hang over the front.

close up ribbon and curl

And there you have it!


A super cute and fun, summer door hanger to greet visitors when they come to your house!

A collection of paper flowers

It poured all night and it’s still raining today. We’re supposed to get rain all weekend. With April showers comes May flowers, so I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite paper flower DIYs in case you want to get a jump on May and create your own arrangement.




Also remember that tomorrow is the first discussion for the April book club hosted by The Many Thoughts of A Reader.


We’ve been reading Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah and the first discussion will cover chapters 1 through 10. Stop back in tomorrow to see the discussion questions.

washi fun

I’ve been seeing the cute things done with washi tape on Pinterest for a long time. Now that I have more free time I feel like I can afford to use some of that time working on some fun, crafty stuff. A couple of weeks ago I ordered my first washi tape from Le Box Boutique on Etsy and I also ordered some baker’s twine from Crafty Clementines. I think Andy thought it was funny that I was so excited about tape.



We finally cleaned out the back bedroom and set it up as a crafting, sewing, computer room and we love it! Last night, while I was waiting for Andy to fix our wireless internet connection, I decided to play around and create a little something for the new inspiration board I just put up above my craft space.It’s not much but that little bit of cute makes me so happy!
Anybody else have annoying wireless connection issues? I tried for two hours last night to print photos from our new printer. I was so frustrated and by the time we finally got it to work I had lost my creative drive and just wanted to take a shower and go to bed. It’s frustrating when you’re excited about something and then it’s just not coming together, isn’t it? I’ll try again tonight.