Make Your Own: Halloween Wreath

wreath 2

Last week as I was putting up my Halloween decorations I realized I didn’t have anything to hang on the front door. I decided that I would make a wreath with whatever I could find on clearance at the craft store. They happened to have tulle for a good price and their Halloween ribbon was on sale.


This wreath is super simple to recreate. You’ll need a ring like the foam one I purchased. It doesn’t have to be foam, there are lots of options at the craft store. You could even use a large embroidery hoop if you didn’t want the ‘fat’ wreath look that I went for.
I cut my tulle into strips about 12 inches long and simple tied them in a double knot around the ring, leaving the long ends facing outward. Just keep cutting and tying your tulle. Push the strips of tulle close enough together that the wreath doesn’t show through. You can make it as bushy as you like.

wreath 3

Then I added a cute bow out of Halloween ribbon to my wreath. I followed this bow making tutorial and it turned out great. It’s attached to the wreath with hot glue, as is the ribbon that I added to hang it from.
And that’s it! If you want to make your wreath even spookier, hang a bat or a spider from the center of it.

wreath 1

Happy Halloween Crafting!!

Make Your Own: Gourd Birdhouse


Before we launch into this project, I want to invite you to click over to My Mod Style and see the group guest post I contributed to today! Jessie matched us up with  Disney characters! So fun and super cute.
Okay- What a fun project this was!! I’d been seeing these cute gourd birdhouses at the farmer’s market for weeks and really wanted one. A few weeks ago I saw that one booth was selling just the gourds, so I bought one for $4 with the intention of making my own.

gourd 1

Such an easy project for an afternoon. I had Andy help me with drilling the holes. First he drilled the hole for the opening. You don’t have to have this fancy attachment. There are other ways to do it, but this was just a quicker option and since I’m impatient, I went for it.

gourd 12
gourd 11

He also drilled two holes at the top so I could thread some string through it to hang it from.

gourd 3

And don’t forget to drill a small hole in the bottom for drainage, just in case your birdhouse gets water in it.

gourd 2

You’ll need to clean out the inards of the gourd. I used a long handled wire brush to get it all out.

gourd 10

Then take some sand paper to it and sand it until it’s smooth and you’ve gotten all the dirt and debry off of it.

gourd 4

At this point you may want to soak it in some bleach water just to get it real clean. I didn’t feel that my gourd needed it so I skipped that step. I went right on to painting it. It’s suggested that you paint it a light color so it won’t become a ‘bird sauna’ in the summer. I chose a happy yellow- mostly because that’s what I had on hand.

gourd 6

My original plan was to put two coats of paint on it. After the first coat, I decided that I really liked the look, so I left it.

gourd 5

I used the back end of a paint brush to dot this little heart design near the doorway to my birdhouse.

gourd 7

I used a large needle to thread some twine through the top to hang the birdhouse from.

gourd 8

Your last step is to hang it!

gourd 9

I absolutely love how it turned out! I may have to make a second one next year. We’ll see if it actually attracts any birds. If not, that’s okay, because it’s cute anyway.

Canvas and Fabric into Wall Art

I wanted to show you a project that I worked on for our new basement bathroom. Canvas and Fabric into Wall Art:

canvas fabric wall art 5
I’d been searching around for ideas on what to decorate the walls with, but it wasn’t until I saw this cute fabric that it finally hit me. I knew that I wanted something that jutted out from the wall about two inches because it would be taking up a space of recessed wall.

canvas fabric diy
I picked up a couple of these 6×6 canvases at Michael’s and some fat quarter fabrics at a local fabric store and went to work. It was as simple as measuring it out and stapling it on. If you’re worried about the staples scraping your wall paint, just cover the back with felt.

canvas fabric diy 2
I decided to embellish the front with little flowers made from ribbon and buttons. Simple project, great results! I love how they look in the room and I love that it took very little time and brain power to pull it together.

canvas fabric wall art 3
I’ve got one other blank wall in the bathroom that I’d like to fill with something and then we’ll be calling this bathroom done. In the last couple of weeks Andy did a lot of the finish work that still needed to be done. We put the hardware on the cabinets, hung the towel rack (what color towels should I put in here?) and he installed the hardware on the pocket door.

bathroom remodel 5

bathroom remodel 1

bathroom remodel 2

bathroom remodel 4

I love this room so much!

canvas fabric wall art 4  

Polka dots in the bathroom

I wanted to share with you a little project I worked on last night. I decided to cover our bathroom shelves with some cute polka dot contact paper.

Here’s what they looked like before. Pretty ugly.


I started by removing the the drawers and shelves that would come out.


Make sure you give each surface a really good wipe down. You don’t want any dirt getting stuck under your contact paper.


I then laid one of my shelves on the sheet of contact paper to measure it.


The instruction recommend leaving 3/8′ overlap on each side. You can cut off any excess after you’ve got it positioned just right.


I used a pen to mark where I was going to cut.


And then I cut four sheets of that same size out. One for each of the two shelves and two for each of the bottoms of the tall cabinet.


Then it’s as simple as peeling off the backing and positioning it on your shelf.


Don’t worry if you don’t get it just right at first. It’s easy to peel off and reapply, plus you have the excess from each edge to work with.


Then take a flat hard surface or a rag and slide it across your contact paper. Work from the middle out to the edges to smooth out any bubbles.


Now the drawers were a little trickier to measure so I made sure to leave extra on each side just in case. After you cut out your drawer piece then push it in to place inside the drawer. Use your flat surface or rag to smooth out any bubbles.


Use a razor blade to cut off any excess paper around the edges.


Smooth it down one more time to make sure it’s all stuck in every corner.


Since the bottom of the cabinets couldn’t be removed, I used one of the shelves as a template, cut a piece of contact paper to fit (leaving a little extra on each edge just in case) and then applied it right in place. I had to use the razor blade to clean up the edges.


Then I put my shelves and drawers back in place.


So much cuter than those dingy unfinished cabinet shelves and drawers! This was really an easy project and came together pretty quickly.


I love that there’s a surprise pop of color and pattern when you open the cabinets!


Don’t you think that sometimes it’s the small changes we make to a room that can really liven it up?

*Polka dog contact paper is from Kmart

Basement bathroom remodel

I am in love with our new bathroom. What once was a dark, dank scary hiding place for spiders is now a great space!! There is still some small finish work that needs to be done and I’ve got the job of decorating but it’s pretty much ready to go.
As far as decorating- it’s a bathroom so I won’t be doing much more than some art on the walls, a shower curtain and bath mats. I’m going to keep it pretty simple because I already love how fresh, clean and open the room feels now. I don’t want to clutter it. I did buy THIS for the room, though! Got to have a little whimsy in there.

I’ve never really been that great with the play by play, so you’ll just be getting photos today. But if you want to know how we did something or what we used, ask in the comments and I’ll for sure get back to you!

I was a little late on starting to photograph this room. The real ‘before’ was a room with no drywall or plumbing hooked up. Andy hooked up the necessary plumbing as well as the ceiling fan and then he did the drywall and mud before I actually started taking pictures of the room.


You can see in this picture that Andy had already put the new tub in.


We painted the room with Behr Lime Light and I love it! I was worried it would be too ‘minty,’ but it turned out great.


We got this tile on clearance from Home Depot. It’s actually more gray than it looks in the picture. Lighting is terrible down there. We chose to tile all the way out in to the hall, and we’ll also be tiling the landing at the top of the stairs, by the front door.

I wish I could tell you exactly what this surround is for the shower. All I know is that I like it- it’s seamless and I can clean it by simply rinsing it off or wiping it down. Easy peasy! Andy’s buddy put it in for us, so if you want to know the deets, message me and I’ll get the 411 from Andy.
My favorite part. I love the new mirror and the light fixture. This mirror was $50 at Lowes and when we move from here I’ll definitely be taking it with me. It actually wasn’t our first choice- we thought it would be too big for the space. We bought one mirror and ended up exchanging it for this one in the end. We have to hang our mirrors high because Andy is so tall.

We chose to put in a tall cabinet to the left of the sink for extra storage. We bought the vanity and cabinet from Sutherlands. It was unfinished and Andy stained it this dark color. We bought hardware for it but haven’t put it on yet. I’ll show you more pictures when we finish that. The countertop with built in sink also came from Sutherlands. The faucet came from Lowe’s. The toilet paper holder was originally gold. Andy spray painted it silver.


Hard to get a picture of the whole room, but the bathtub is opposite the toilet. We are extremely happy with this project. It has turned out so beautiful!

Should I get a plain white shower curtain like this one or go for something with a pattern?

We don’t have a bath mat upstairs because Andy didn’t think it was necessary. I want to put one down here though. It’s always felt weird to me to step out with wet feet onto the cold tile. I bought this one from Target (which is actually more white than it looks on the site) but I’m not sure I’m sold. Any ideas?

Summery front door hanger diy

Hi guys. Today I wanted to share with you a little project I did a couple of weeks ago. I put it together as a housewarming gift for a friend of mine.


I picked up some red and yellow acryllic paint, cute scrapbook paper, red ribbon, wire to hang the flower from, and some yellow glitter.


I got these wood cut-outs from Wood Creations. They had a ton of things to choose from, but in the end, I gravitated toward the flower with the spiral center. I thought it was fun and summery and would look so cute on someone’s front door. Certainly you could cut your own wood if you had the right equipment and the time.

I started out by painting the spiral yellow. I also painted the edges of the flower red. I only painted what I knew would end up being visible on the finished product. Getting in between those petals was a little tough and you have to be careful that you don’t end up with big globs of paint in some places.


Andy helped me figure out how to layout the two pieces of scrapbook paper so that they would cover the entire flower. We also had to make sure that the pattern on the paper would line up so our ‘seam’ would look as ‘seamless’ as possible. This was tough and although I loved the paper that I chose, next time I might choose something with an easier pattern to match.


I used a pencil to trace out the pattern. I then cut it out and layed it over top of the wood flower to make sure it all fit. None of the petals were the same size so this was a little bit of a challenge.


I used Mod Podge to attach the paper to the wood. Isn’t Mod Podge the best crafty tool ever? Afterwards I turned to my attention back to the spiral center.


I applied Mod Podge to that as well and then heaped a generous amount of yellow sugar glitter over the top. I shook off the extra glitter after it had dried a bit.


Then I used a glue gun to attach the spiral center to the main body of the flower. Almost finished! Andy helped me thread the hanging wire through and get it positioned just right. Wood Creations pre-drills holes for this purpose, which makes it really nice. We used the handle of our paint brush to make curly Q’s in the wire.


We put curly Q’s at the top of the wire, where it would hang from a nail, and on both edges to keep it from slipping out of the wood. I tied the red ribbon to the wire and let the ends hang over the front.

close up ribbon and curl

And there you have it!


A super cute and fun, summer door hanger to greet visitors when they come to your house!

Beautiful Turquoise & Gray Rooms

Hello, Her Sunday readers! My name is Jessie and my blog is My Mod Style. While Kim is off vacationing she asked me to do a guest post for her. I wanted to feature some rooms that I found inspiring. I think they are rooms that Kim would like and I also made sure to include some chevron for her!

Decor Pad

Beautiful Room

Look at the beautiful living room by June & Bear.

Gray Living Room by June & Bear


I am in love with this chevron painted bedroom by Living With Lindsay.

Chevron Bedroom by Living With Lindsay

I love how she hung all the picture frames on the wall!
Chevron Bedroom by Living With Lindsay

Love this bright table setting!

Staging By M

Table Setting

I love this bright turquoise room!
House Of Turquoise
Turquoise Room

I hope you find these rooms inspiring!

Thanks Kim for inviting me to post on your blog!


This is a scheduled guest post while I’m sunning it up in California! Big thanks to my bloggie friend, Jessie, for putting this post together for today. She’s awesome and she knows my style so well! I absolutely love those built in shelves painted turquoise and the cute seating option from House of Turquoise. Be sure to stop on over and say hi to her on her personal and design blog, My Mod Style.

A bench cushion sewing project

I dusted off the sewing machine this weekend with the plan of making a cushion for our glider. The glider sits in the front of the house and we spend quite a bit of time on it either reading or just relaxing. I had already bought the fabric and foam several months ago but just never got around to doing it.

The project turned out fairly easy and I only had to call my mom once for a reminder on how to do the button holes. It’s been so long since I sewed much of anything other than the bunting for our wedding.

The first thing I did was line up my foam on the bench and then cut it to fit.


Then I took it inside and cut my fabric to fit the foam piece with a couple of inches leftover on each side to allow for the seam.

I sewed around two edges with the fabric inside out (one edge was where the fold was.) The fourth edge I left open, just turning over the edges two inches to make them clean. I did not sew it closed. Instead I added button holes and these cute little buttons. I can now remove the fabric cover from the foam whenever I need to wash it.



Now I plan to get fabric for pillows to match the buttons!


There are two things I still plan to remedy- 1. I’m going to sew an inner casing for the foam so that it will have a double layer of fabric around it. The inner casing will not be removable and will just serve as a protection for the foam. 2. I plan to get one more layer of foam to make the cushion thicker. It’s comfy the way it is, but it will be even nicer with two layers.


All in all this was a learning project and one that I went into with not much of a plan. I kind of winged it and I’m happy with the way it turned out. Just needs pillows and it will be finished!


Mauney tested, Mauney approved.

Designing a one bedroom apartment

I had some fun last night designing a little one bedroom apartment. First I worked with the layout of the apartment trying to keep in mind the furniture that I wanted to use in the space. After that I put together some room design boards. 

You’ll see I used a lot of whites and grays with just a touch of color. More color could be added in the artwork and accessories that you choose. I always like a neutral base so my color scheme can change easily by switching out pillows or decorative items. I also used a clear coffee table and clear desk chair to keep the apartment from feeling cluttered. The clear furniture keeps a light and spacious feeling to an otherwise small space. 

Living Room:

Henry Sofa from West Elm
Zig Zag Lapis Rug from Dwell Studio
Peekaboo Clear Coffee Table from cb2
Ascend Media Console from Crate & Barrel
Throw Pillows from Etsy
Ceramic Drum Side Stool from Matt Blatt
Table Lamp from Etsy



Parson’s Mirror Desk from West Elm
Louis Ghost Chair from DWR 


Loraine Tufted Headboard from Pottery Barn
Marrakesh Pouf from Crate & Barrel
Proof Nighstand from cb2
Pintuck Duvet from West Elm
Concerto Dresser from ZGallerie 


Embroidered Shower Curtain from Pottery Barn
Round Bath Mat from Target
Bath Accessories from Target


Delta Barstools from Crate & Barrel
Varde Island Counter Top from Ikea
Kate Spade Dinnerware from Macy’s

So there you have it. A small, one bedroom apartment that still has space for everything! Personally I love the challenge of designing in limited space and seeing just how I can maximize it. Could you ever live in a space this small or do you need a house with multiple bedrooms and a big yard?    **please give proper credit when posting or pinning these images. thank you!

Sprucing up a space for over-night company

My sister and I were scheduled to judge a competition on Friday evening and then again early on Saturday morning. Since Lindsey was coming from an hour away, she asked if she could just spend the night. About three hours before she showed up, I decided that I should probably attempt to make the guest room presentable.
For the last little while it’s basically been a catch all room as we work on some projects in the basement. This is the room looking a lot better than what it usually looks like. 


It really needed help if guests or house sitters were ever going to feel comfortable there. I made a quick trip to Target for a couple of things and pulled the rest of what I needed from around the house. It could use a few more touches but I think, for now, it’s presentable and I’m happy with the way that it turned out. 

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

That piece of art hanging over the bed came from Home Goods. It would have been an easy DIY project, but I didn’t have the time to work on any DIYs that day. I do have some other DIY art planned for this summer though. 

This is the dresser I had as a little girl. It’s been moved around a lot and could really use a fresh coat of paint and some new hardware (obviously.) That’s another project I’ve added to my list of things to do. I placed a diffuser on the top of the dresser which gave the room a really refreshing scent.


That mirror had been hanging above the sink in the basement bathroom. But because that bathroom is being remodeled and is all torn apart, I thought I could use the mirror in the guest room for now. 

Photobucket Photobucket

I placed clean bath towels for guests to use in the basket on the bookshelf. 

The side table was $15 at Target and took me all of five minutes to put it together. I really wanted something a little nicer, but felt that this would do for now. In the future I can use it in our kids room or playroom and put something better in the guest room.

The lamp is not great, I know, but it’s all I had laying around so I used it. In the future I’ll put something a little more grown up in this space.

I placed books and magazines around the room but for a fun touch I left this book about dream interpretations on the nightstand.


So there you have it. My sister stayed in the room Friday night and said she was very comfortable. I’m happy with what I could pull together at the last minute and glad that I now feel like guests will have a nice place to stay when they come over. 
How often do you have over-night guests? What kinds of things do you do to try to make them comfortable?