Make Your Own: Halloween Wreath

wreath 2

Last week as I was putting up my Halloween decorations I realized I didn’t have anything to hang on the front door. I decided that I would make a wreath with whatever I could find on clearance at the craft store. They happened to have tulle for a good price and their Halloween ribbon was on sale.


This wreath is super simple to recreate. You’ll need a ring like the foam one I purchased. It doesn’t have to be foam, there are lots of options at the craft store. You could even use a large embroidery hoop if you didn’t want the ‘fat’ wreath look that I went for.
I cut my tulle into strips about 12 inches long and simple tied them in a double knot around the ring, leaving the long ends facing outward. Just keep cutting and tying your tulle. Push the strips of tulle close enough together that the wreath doesn’t show through. You can make it as bushy as you like.

wreath 3

Then I added a cute bow out of Halloween ribbon to my wreath. I followed this bow making tutorial and it turned out great. It’s attached to the wreath with hot glue, as is the ribbon that I added to hang it from.
And that’s it! If you want to make your wreath even spookier, hang a bat or a spider from the center of it.

wreath 1

Happy Halloween Crafting!!

Canvas and Fabric into Wall Art

I wanted to show you a project that I worked on for our new basement bathroom. Canvas and Fabric into Wall Art:

canvas fabric wall art 5
I’d been searching around for ideas on what to decorate the walls with, but it wasn’t until I saw this cute fabric that it finally hit me. I knew that I wanted something that jutted out from the wall about two inches because it would be taking up a space of recessed wall.

canvas fabric diy
I picked up a couple of these 6×6 canvases at Michael’s and some fat quarter fabrics at a local fabric store and went to work. It was as simple as measuring it out and stapling it on. If you’re worried about the staples scraping your wall paint, just cover the back with felt.

canvas fabric diy 2
I decided to embellish the front with little flowers made from ribbon and buttons. Simple project, great results! I love how they look in the room and I love that it took very little time and brain power to pull it together.

canvas fabric wall art 3
I’ve got one other blank wall in the bathroom that I’d like to fill with something and then we’ll be calling this bathroom done. In the last couple of weeks Andy did a lot of the finish work that still needed to be done. We put the hardware on the cabinets, hung the towel rack (what color towels should I put in here?) and he installed the hardware on the pocket door.

bathroom remodel 5

bathroom remodel 1

bathroom remodel 2

bathroom remodel 4

I love this room so much!

canvas fabric wall art 4  

A bench cushion sewing project

I dusted off the sewing machine this weekend with the plan of making a cushion for our glider. The glider sits in the front of the house and we spend quite a bit of time on it either reading or just relaxing. I had already bought the fabric and foam several months ago but just never got around to doing it.

The project turned out fairly easy and I only had to call my mom once for a reminder on how to do the button holes. It’s been so long since I sewed much of anything other than the bunting for our wedding.

The first thing I did was line up my foam on the bench and then cut it to fit.


Then I took it inside and cut my fabric to fit the foam piece with a couple of inches leftover on each side to allow for the seam.

I sewed around two edges with the fabric inside out (one edge was where the fold was.) The fourth edge I left open, just turning over the edges two inches to make them clean. I did not sew it closed. Instead I added button holes and these cute little buttons. I can now remove the fabric cover from the foam whenever I need to wash it.



Now I plan to get fabric for pillows to match the buttons!


There are two things I still plan to remedy- 1. I’m going to sew an inner casing for the foam so that it will have a double layer of fabric around it. The inner casing will not be removable and will just serve as a protection for the foam. 2. I plan to get one more layer of foam to make the cushion thicker. It’s comfy the way it is, but it will be even nicer with two layers.


All in all this was a learning project and one that I went into with not much of a plan. I kind of winged it and I’m happy with the way it turned out. Just needs pillows and it will be finished!


Mauney tested, Mauney approved.

A collection of paper flowers

It poured all night and it’s still raining today. We’re supposed to get rain all weekend. With April showers comes May flowers, so I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite paper flower DIYs in case you want to get a jump on May and create your own arrangement.




Also remember that tomorrow is the first discussion for the April book club hosted by The Many Thoughts of A Reader.


We’ve been reading Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah and the first discussion will cover chapters 1 through 10. Stop back in tomorrow to see the discussion questions.

monsters eat books-DIY

I just wanted to share with you this cute DIY of monster page holders. If you read as much as I do, you may want to make some of your own!

As a side note, I’ve been pinning today and wanted to share two of my favorite For The Kitchen Crush pins that I found:



Lovely, aren’t they? BTW- if you haven’t started pinning yet, what are you waiting for? I love the inspiration and creativity that is shared over there at Pinterest. You must get in on the action!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. I made zucchini bread yesterday and will make some more today. What about you?