Pumpkins Please


Years ago when I taught preschool and kindergarten dance classes we used to do Halloween themed dances throughout the month of October. One of the favorites was “A Pumpkin Is A Pumpkin.” The kids would skip in a circle and sing:

“A Pumpkin Is A Pumpkin,

A Pumpkin Is A Pumpkin,

A Pumpkin Is A Pumpkin,

And Pumpkins are ROUND

The little dancers would do a dance movement that represented “ROUND.” Then the song would begin again and “ROUND” would be replaced with “LARGE”, “ORANGE”, “FUN”, etc, and would end with their favorite one: “GOOD TO EAT!!!”

Pumpkins are indeed nothing more than pumpkins- no matter what form you put them in…pumpkin lattes anyone? But I loved the way these pumpkins have been “dressed up” don’t you? A little unconventional- but they’re still pumpkins!!


1-Tacks * 2-Decoupage * 3-Leaves * 4-Spider Web * 5-Lace