Moving Day

Hello friends. This weekend we moved my mom out of my childhood home and into an apartment closer to us. It was very bittersweet. It always is when you’re doing something that you don’t necessarily want to do, but know it’s the right choice to make for now.

moving van
I didn’t think I would get emotional, but as my sister and I sorted through the last box in the basement, we couldn’t help but feel a little nostalgic. It was a box of dress up clothes- my mom’s old cheerleading uniform, my great grandmother’s moo moo, my dad’s bright orange hunting hat, an ugly red vest we used to fight over.

It reminded us of the many times we played together right there in the basement. We dressed up, we put on plays, we danced, we had our friends over for movie nights, we ran from room to room jumping from bed to bed, screaming and giggling.

That house is the green carpeted stairs that we slide down in sleeping bags, tumbling to the bottom in a heap.

That house is a ‘fruit room’ (pantry) that we swore a boogy man lived in at night.

That house is trading bedrooms, clothes, belongings, and furniture for a week with my sisters, just for fun.

That house is backyard dance concerts finished by ‘Hands Up Stands Up’ contests, running back handsprings across the grass, and choreographing to Can’t Touch This & Everybody Dance Now in the driveway, with my mom as the only cheerleader we needed.

That house is a long basement family room that we did cartwheels across and held impromptu fashion shows on a sheet turned runway carpet. A room that was just wide enough to fit the quilting frames my dad built for my mom so we could sit around the edges and tie blankets.

That house is a swing set in the back yard built by my dad when I was just five years old. I helped him roll the telephone poles out to the yard wearing his ten-times-too-big leather workman gloves and then watched him put on his climbing belt and scale the poles to secure them.

swing setnellie swinging
That house is a kitchen in which we spread crafting projects on the table and wore matching aprons that my mom made for us, while making my sisters next culinary invention.

That house is a sewing room in which we all sat on our mom’s lap as little girls and helped her guide fabric underneath the pressure foot as she made frilly dresses, dance costumes, and school clothes for us.

That house is my dad’s presence- always felt and always near, even though he’s been long gone.

It’s hard to make changes and move on. It’s hard to say goodbye. That house is just a house- we are the people who created those memories and those feelings in all those rooms. We are still those people who will go on creating new family memories no matter where we live. We are grateful for the many years we spent under that roof and sad to say goodbye.


A Peek Into Her Week

Mauney taco Mauney Taco andy's family Andy’s family came down and his mom brought dinner and treats to celebrate Andy and Corey’s birthday. Their birthday’s happen to be two days apart. We ate over at Corey’s. teachertechclass.“Tips for Teaching 1st to 4th Grade Jazz/Tap/Ballet Class”Later that night I taught a workshop to other dance teachers. The class was meant to help those teachers who were new to teaching the younger kids. It went well and I even got a request to make my ‘tip class’ a monthly occurrence.
andy birthday We celebrated Andy’s birthday with dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.
cheesecake factory
cheesecake factory
packingOn Friday I went up to Cache Valley to help my mom pack up her kitchen. It took us all day but we’re making headway. She’ll be moving closer to us at the end of the month. 
odyssey dance thriller We went to see Odyssey Dance Theater’s production of Thriller with my family on Saturday.
odyssey dance theater thrillerThis is one show that everyone should see at least once. It’s been a fun Halloween tradition for us each year. 
us at the show


A Peek Into Her Week

Henry in grasssushipumpkinsgreen peppersblue limonhot tubconcert 2concerttrain
You guys, this has been a great weekend, but a rough one. My back pain is back. Awesome, right? I’m sorry to bore you with this, I just really need to get it off my chest. According to my doctor, I have trigger points in my upper back. They’re hypersensitive areas of my muscle that can get really ticked off and knot up all over my back, causing extreme pain. As far as what causes mine, we’re still not sure. If you overwork the muscle or have a lot of stress in your life that can cause it, but I don’t think I’m doing that. It can also be caused by sitting at a computer all day- which is one of the reasons I felt it so important to leave my job at the library.

Anyway, I’ve been dealing with this reoccurring pain for over a year now. It comes and goes, but when it’s here, I’m basically paralyzed with pain. Right now, I can’t tip my head or turn it at all. I feel like I’m 80 years old. It’s horrible. I’ve been trying to stay positive, but yesterday I lost it. I got in the shower hoping that the hot water would help and I started crying out of frustration. I couldn’t stop crying. I’m just so tired of being in pain, not knowing why, and not knowing what to do about it. I can’t go to Pilates, I can’t bike, I struggle to teach my dance classes.

It’s just affecting my entire life and I’m so sick of it. I’m going to get back in to the doctor this week and hope that he has something else we can try. I’m pretty over being prescribed muscle relaxers and pain pills and sent on my way. I need real help to get rid of this. Well, thanks for reading my complaints. It’s funny how just expressing your frustrations can help you deal with them.

We went for sushi on Friday night. I’d basically been unable to move all Friday and I think Andy felt sorry for me so he took me out. On Saturday we had tickets to the Big Ass Show. Again, because of the pain I was in, I had to stand at the back the entire time. Ugh! Yesterday Andy cleaned out the hot tub and refilled it so that I can soak in it each night. It’s really only temporary relief but it’s better than nothing.

Anyone experienced chronic pain before? Any suggestions?

A Peek Into Her Week

I’m guest posting and contributing over at My Mod Style Monday and Tuesday this week- we’re talking Disney!! It’s going to be fun, so check it out!

Also, you may notice (if you’ve clicked over onto the blog) that I’ve given Her Sunday a facelift. What do you think? It’s a work in progress- none of the links work yet, but they will by the end of the week. I’m not a blog designer or anything, but it’ll do for now. :)

Henry on the benchAndy's bikeKim's bikedinnercarthanksgiving pointbook pagedirty dashshoesat Dirty Dash

His and hers motorcycles are new additions around here. Andy already has mine taken apart. It needs some work. We went to see my sister run in the Dirty Dash. It was quite the run! Andy and I would like to try it next year. You’ve never seen so much mud in your life! A sea of muddy shoes all on their way to be cleaned up and donated to charity. Later we went to dinner at Biaggi’s and to the Concour D’Elegance car show at Thanksgiving Point. We’ve had a busy week!

A Peek Into Her Week

flower borderday of caring gatewayDay of CaringAndy and Henrylaundrywasher dryerLydia and Kim White Owlwhite owlbonfirerice krispie treats

This past week has been jam packed. I have been working with United Way and last week we had our big event- Day of Caring. It was really quite an amazing service event to be a part of and I got the chance to see just what it takes to pull off a successful Day of Caring. It was humbling to say the least. Just under 4000 volunteers from around 100 companies in Utah worked on around 100 different service projects throughout the community. So many great things were done that day and when it was all over, we were exhausted. 
Andy and I have had some major team work this week as I had been working late and going in early at times. I love my guy for having dinner on the table when I got home as well as the laundry washed and folded all week long. We bought a new to us washer and dryer this week and laundry is not such a pain now.
We rewarded ourselves with a final summer hurrah: a trip to White Owl. We laughed so much that night. Corey was full of punch lines all night long. Good times to end a busy week are the best, amiright?
I’ll be taking this coming week to reevaluate what my next step is. I’m pretty sure I already know what I’d like to do, but I think it’s important to allow myself to take my time before pushing my chips out. Life is so very good right now.

Her Weekend

sunflowersthe sky

Regular old weekend this time. On Friday Andy finished tiling our entry way. It just looks so much better now! I worked on Saturday while Andy went to the Peach Days car show. We spent Sunday at home cleaning out the garage, doing the dishes, and other very unglamorous things. I start teaching dance this week and will be doing a lot to get ready for Day of Caring at work this week. Another busy Mon-Fri coming up!

Please tell me your weekend fun times! I love to hear them.

Her Weekend: For Real

So this weekend we took a little road trip to Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I’m so glad we went because it turned out to be a lot of fun. I was a little worried about having a jam packed weekend when last week and this week are so busy at work. I wondered if I shouldn’t be giving myself some down time- but really, this vacation was pretty relaxing and low key, so it was great.

steamboat springs

We took a drive up to Walton Peak

walton peak

And attended the vintage air show at the local airport

air show

steamboat springs air show

steamboat springs breakfast

We ate at some great local restaurants and afterward we walked around their farmer’s market. We picked up some garlic pasta noodles and a bag of goji berry tea, all made locally.

Kim farmers market

Their Botanic Park is free to walk around in and we were very impressed with it.

botanical garden 3

botanical garden 3

botanical gardens

botanical garden 2

We hiked up to Fish Creek Falls. The sun was in the wrong spot to get any decent pictures of the waterfall though.

fish creek falls

fish creek falls 2

Late Saturday night we drove up to Strawberry Hot Springs to soak in the warm water. I don’t have any pictures because it was dark already. You have to pay to get in to the hot springs but they’re open to midnight. It makes for some great stargazing while you’re soaking.

fish creek falls

We took a ride on the alpine slide!!

alpine slide

steamboat springs andy ash

We attended their hoe down and chili cookoff. We tasted a lot of chili and cornbread and then got to vote on our favorites.

chili cookoff

Ashland on the ride home.

ashland chillin 
We got home in time to go to Lagoon with my family on Monday. Nellie’s here waiting patiently to ride another ride. She loved the rides!
Nellie and mom at Lagoon

Little Nixon did pretty well despite the long day.

Lindsey Nixon Lagoon
jen nellie carousel

kim and andy lagoon

A very fun weekend with my guy and family!

Her Weekend: Mini post

Hey everyone! Back to the work week, right? Our annoying internet is on the fritz. I tried for two hours last night to upload photos for todays post. This one image is all I could get. So Her Weekend will be a little late today. Also, for those of you that have emailed me, I’m not ignoring you. I’ll get emails out tonight hopefully. In the meantime, have a great day!

Her Weekend-1st Cycling Event Recap

Is it seriously Monday morning already? Sometimes it’s just not fair how fast the weekend flies by! Congratulations to Rebecca, who won the Target pillow giveaway! Also, thank you all so much for participating in the giveaway and thank you to those of you who filled out my little survey. It helped me tremendously!

Now, I have to tell you about a little adventure we had on Saturday morning. Andy and I participated in our first cycling event! It was a non-competitive bicycle tour of 40, 60, and 100 mile routes. The proceeds from the event went to help people with disabilities participate in outdoor recreational activities.

I’ll be honest, I was nervous and didn’t feel at all prepared. We signed up for the event just two weeks ago and had only ridden a little before then. The most I’d ever gone was 20 miles in one ride. I considered dropping out up until just an hour before the event was to start. But in the end, I decided to go for it and see how much I could do, and I’m glad I did! I think it helped my nerves that it wasn’t actually a race.

cvc ride andy and I

I finished the 40 mile course and Andy finished the 60 mile course. It took me about 2 hours and 45 minutes as I was only going around 15 mph the entire time. It wasn’t easy, but I can confidently say that I could probably do more if we had trained correctly. That makes me excited to try again!

The course wasn’t too bad and only a few sections gave me some trouble. The first hour of the race was rough because it was so damn cold! I didn’t drink much water because my freezing hands couldn’t maneuver the water bottle while I was riding. That slowed me down a lot. While the downhills should have provided some relief, they were worse in the cold air. It was much better when it began to warm up a little.

cvc my bike

Honestly, the huge feeling of accomplishment I got when I crossed that finish line was enough to make me want to do this again. It’s kind of fun finding out that you can do more than you really thought you could. I was definitely sore and tired when I finished, but it was worth it!


I know some of you are working on fitness goals. What have you made yourself try and were surprised in the end that you could actually do?

Her Weekend

It was a very productive weekend for us. I love that. We worked some more on the basement bathroom and I’ll show you a fun project I did for it later this week. I also worked on a lot of blogging stuff and managed to crank out a few things I hadn’t had time for in the last week. We also got some biking in. We’ve signed up for our first cycling race! It’s this coming Saturday and we’re pretty excited. Sunday morning we drove over to check out the route. It looks like a nice ride.

starbucks oatmeal



changing a flat


century race map


in car smithfield

Hope you all had a great weekend!