Can I distract you for a bit? History buffs- you might like this.

It’s crazy time. I have only a week and a half of classes left. Finals week is the week of April 18th. Can you believe that? ahhh! I absolutely love that spring semester at my school ends in April. It’s fabuloso- except for the fact that one week later I start summer classes. Yep. I’m insane. I’m getting married this summer, AND writing my senior research thesis, AND working for digitization in the library, AND possibly doing an internship at the Museum of Fine Arts (if I get it.) If I don’t get it, then I’ll only be minimally heart broken. It would be cool, but maybe my sanity can’t handle it. We’ll see.

Anyway, back to crazy. I’m feeling the crunch big time of last minute studying, homework, papers, and projects. I have one class that has been the bane of my existence this semester. Honestly, I’m hoping I’ll be able to skim by on that one. It has seriously been a beast. But I’ve busted my butt in there, so hopefully the professor will take my work ethic and effort into account when he’s submitting grades. So in loo of (‘in loo of’ ha. I’m a dork.) the impending doom of finals week, posting on here will be minimal at best.

King Mycerinus and Wife (ca. 2500 BCE)

In the meantime, I thought I should mention that I haven’t posted on my history blog this semester AT ALL. Why? Because it just so happens that part of the requirements for my Ancient History class was to post on the class history blog. So that’s where I’ve been doing all my ranting about history. I thought I’d give you the link, in case you’re interested in that sort of thing. It’s actually pretty cool as my classmates and I have been posting on topics pertaining to ancient history that aren’t taught about as often- basically little side tid bits about ancient history that are totally cool to history geeks like me. In fact, I just wrote a post about the use of cannabis (marijuana) in ancient burial ceremonies.

Here’s the link:

What Song’s the Siren’s Sang

Topics include: The Romans, The Axial Age, First Civilizations, Decay and Rebirth, and The Greeks.

I’ve still got two posts to write on Christianity and the Empire by the end of next week as well. In any case, I’ll post on here when I get the time. Good luck to any of you who have finals coming up as well.