reading   you can see what I’m reading on Bookmark To Blog, but currently reading a couple of ebooks from authors.

worried about  my back pain returning.

missing   being a student, sitting in classes and absorbing everything the teacher is presenting. Studying on my own, reading, discovering new things. my grandpa and my grandma as the holidays approach.

creating  scrapbook pages to go along with the Becky Higgins Big Picture class I’m taking.

hating the job search process- filling out applications, writing a million cover letters, and then waiting.

wondering   whether or not I should stop blogging for good. is it more work and obligation than it’s worth? should I go back to scrapbooking as a way to record memories and give this whole blogging thing up?

thankful for  so many things. our families, our home, our pets, my husband, our life together.

listening to   a lot of Imagine Dragons, Ellie Goulding, and Foster the People right now.

watching  The Walking Dead- we’ve been hooked since season 1- as well as other totally awesome fall tv.

loving  that Andy is totally supportive of my decision to apply for grad school and attempt to get in for next semester.

discovering  that i’m finally ready to jump into grad school and i’m super excited about it.

excited about  a lunch date with awesome friends tomorrow.

wishing  that i was old enough to just let the gray take over my hair.

searching for  new non-fiction books to read- broadening my horizons.

craving sushi, always craving sushi. yum. oh, and peanut butter anything.

enjoying  cozy evenings, my new baked-goods-on-Sunday habit, time to just ‘be’.

waiting for  the rain to start falling as I watch the sky fill with more and more gray clouds.



reading   two and twenty dark tales and shadow of night and 1421 and a trick of the light
worried about   nothing (seriously! this is rare for me)
missing   a visit with my grandma
creating   lesson plans for the dance classes I’ll teach this year
hating   that our washing machine is on it’s last leg
wondering   when I should start grad school
thankful for   new opportunities and a supportive husband
listening to   an audio book
watching   the truman show
loving   being involved in something awesome
discovering   hidden potential in myself
waiting   to see which kids I’ll be teaching at dance this year
excited about   labor day weekend activities
wishing   we’d gone camping this summer
searching for   the right way to prioritize my time
craving   pumpkin lattes
enjoying   a couple minutes of peace before bedtime

Feel free to follow suit and write your own ‘lately’ post!