Late for work. Not how I wanted to start the week. Let’s hope the rest of the day goes better.

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!


I’m not ready for it but I guess it’s here anyway. This is going to be a great week though, so it’s all good! It’s going to be a great week because I turn 30 tomorrow! What’s up!! Yep, no longer freaked out about turning 30.  Again, it’s all good!


PS- As soon as things slow down around here a little, I’ll have more of our kitchen remodel to share with you! We’ve been working super hard and we’re really happy with how it’s all coming together. I’ve also got a very small something to share with you in regards to our master bedroom makeover.

In the meantime, you can get caught up with our progress by reading the following posts:

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Bedroom 1

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Bedroom 3

Welcome Monday


Wasn’t Sunday absolutely gorgeous?! and warm?! Wow. Yep, those are my bare tootsies. I love that I played frisbie with Ashland in the backyard, in my bare feet…… in February! I’ve been sporting what Andy calls my grandma booties for the last three months. It was nice to be able to lose them for a day!

Hope you have a great week. Happy Valentine’s Day!