September Was Super Cool

In September…

~We took a little weekend vacation to Steamboat Springs
~Andy painted our garage floor and speckled it
~I made my own gourd birdhouse
~I shared my personal feelings on balancing work and life
~Told you that typography was my favorite thing to decorate with

farmers market 8

How did I do on my September goals?

~ Enjoy a Labor Day weekend vacation
DONE! This little trip was perfect

~ Stay ahead on lesson plans for dance class
So far so GOOD! The first few weeks are always a little shaky as both kids and teacher get settled. But we’re doing great and I’ve already got several positive comments from parents, so yay!

~ Can more tomatoes and clean out the garden
NOPE! I ended up with 8 quarts of canned tomatoes and decided to stop there. We are talking about cleaning out the garden this weekend, but we may not get to it just yet.

~ Finally buy new tap shoes. I’ve had the same pair for the last 15 years.
YES! They came yesterday in fact. I posted a picture on instagram (HerSunday)


August 2012 Recap

In August I…
Replanted my Yuccas

Ogden River Parkway 6

My August Goals were:

To try not to worry– I think this speaks for itself

To finally stain our nightstands– No, but we did a test stain and decided that we no longer liked the color we had chosen. So it’s back to the drawing board.
To go swimming or camping- We went swimming at Lagoon this year so I guess that counts.
To finish a reading challenge– Technically I finished the Dystopian challenge. I haven’t posted about it on BTB yet because I plan to read one more before doing that. (I had to read 4-6 and I’ve read 5.)
How was your August?

July 2012 Recap

In July I…

I told you some things I’m afraid of
Make a cute summer door hanger for a friend
Showed you the updates on our bathroom remodel and added polka dots to it!
Met the author of Divergent and Insurgent at my first ever author signing
Gave my tips for surviving a job you didn’t care for
and finally, we saw buffalo!!


My July goals were…

  • Finish my California mini scrapbook- It’s not finished but I did make great headway.
  • Organize my new bookshelves- done!
  • Do Pilates three times a week- Ummm, no. Darn those lazy summer days!
  • Finish the Salad Challenge– done! I’ll post the last few salads and the round up soon.
  • See some fireworks- done! We saw fireworks on the 19th up in Hyde Park and saw some more at the Pioneer Days Rodeo on the 24th.