30 Days Hath November: Day 14

Day 14: A Favorite Movie.

My all time favorite movie ever is The Burbs. Such a great movie! This trailer really doesn’t do it justice. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it.



30 Days Hath November via So Fawned

The list:
Day 01: A self-portrait.
Day 02: Three inspirational quotes.
Day 03: Something I never leave the house without.
Day 04: A friend I adore.
Day 05: Three years ago today.
Day 06: A book I’m reading.
Day 07: A song for the day.
Day 08: The last item I purchased.
Day 09: A close-up of my day.
Day 10: What I love about my job.
Day 11: Something I’ve been craving.
Day 12: Three blogs I can’t get enough of.
Day 13: Something I’m proud of.
Day 14: A favorite movie.

Day 15: Some style inspiration for the season.
Day 16: Someone who inspires me.
Day 17: My family.
Day 18: What I wore today.
Day 19: A silly self-portrait.
Day 20: A childhood anecdote.
Day 21: Something I could never tire of.
Day 22: Some place I’ve traveled.
Day 23: Eight things you didn’t know about me.
Day 24: Something that means a lot to me.
Day 25: The contents of my purse.
Day 26: Something I’m looking forward to.
Day 27: Myself, one year ago.
Day 28: A skill I’d like to learn.
Day 29: Some place I’d like to visit.
Day 30: Three wonderful things that happened this month.


Fall is officially here!


Yep, it’s finally the day to break out the boots and scarfs! The clouds are grey and menacing and our fall garden is soaking up a whole bunch of rain water right about now. Normally cold, nasty weather makes me sad. Today, however, I’m happy! I’m happy because I went to bed last night feeling like I was coming down with the flu, but today I woke up feeling perfectly fine! I’m hoping I can keep any sickness at bay this year.


ps- There is one thing I’m sad about. You can’t get Garfield’s Halloween Adventure on Netflix! Boo. :( I love that movie!