Custom office design by Curio Design Studio

A while back I won a custom design package from Curio Design Studio after entering a giveaway hosted by Jessie at My Mod Style. I was super excited about this because I’d been recently wishing I had someone to help me figure out how to set up a functional office/craft room for Andy and I.
Working with designer Allison Harlow was so much fun and easy too! Allison provided me with a questionnaire that I filled in explaining what my needs for the room were and what type of design asthetic I was drawn to. Then I emailed her dimensions of the room as well as a few snapshots of the space I had taken. Allison took it from there.


It was so simple and easy and when I got the design boards back a few weeks later I was amazed at how Allison had been able to put together a perfect room for us. She nailed it! I absolutely love the design.
Here’s what the room looks like- a hodge podge of random crap that I can’t figure out where to put. Ugh!

craft room before

craft room before

We needed this room to have two work spaces- one for Andy to work on the computer and one for myself to work on the computer, sew, and scrapbook/craft. The windows in the room had been so annoying because they took away perfectly good wall space. I just couldn’t get past how much I hated them to actually see a functional space in the room. Allison helped us to see how we could use the space to our fullest advantage.
And here’s what Allison designed for us:




Awesome, right? I am in love with the fact that I have a separate place to do computer work. It’s been annoying to move the computer off the table just so I could pull out the sewing machine and vice versa. I love the extra table space for laying out fabrics and other things I’m working on too. It’s perfect.
She also provided us with pricing options and product information so we can go out and get everything we need to create the room she designed for us within the budget that we set. Easy peasy!!


What do you think? Allison did a great job, didn’t she? Thanks Curio Design Studio!! 
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Make Your Own: Gourd Birdhouse


Before we launch into this project, I want to invite you to click over to My Mod Style and see the group guest post I contributed to today! Jessie matched us up with  Disney characters! So fun and super cute.
Okay- What a fun project this was!! I’d been seeing these cute gourd birdhouses at the farmer’s market for weeks and really wanted one. A few weeks ago I saw that one booth was selling just the gourds, so I bought one for $4 with the intention of making my own.

gourd 1

Such an easy project for an afternoon. I had Andy help me with drilling the holes. First he drilled the hole for the opening. You don’t have to have this fancy attachment. There are other ways to do it, but this was just a quicker option and since I’m impatient, I went for it.

gourd 12
gourd 11

He also drilled two holes at the top so I could thread some string through it to hang it from.

gourd 3

And don’t forget to drill a small hole in the bottom for drainage, just in case your birdhouse gets water in it.

gourd 2

You’ll need to clean out the inards of the gourd. I used a long handled wire brush to get it all out.

gourd 10

Then take some sand paper to it and sand it until it’s smooth and you’ve gotten all the dirt and debry off of it.

gourd 4

At this point you may want to soak it in some bleach water just to get it real clean. I didn’t feel that my gourd needed it so I skipped that step. I went right on to painting it. It’s suggested that you paint it a light color so it won’t become a ‘bird sauna’ in the summer. I chose a happy yellow- mostly because that’s what I had on hand.

gourd 6

My original plan was to put two coats of paint on it. After the first coat, I decided that I really liked the look, so I left it.

gourd 5

I used the back end of a paint brush to dot this little heart design near the doorway to my birdhouse.

gourd 7

I used a large needle to thread some twine through the top to hang the birdhouse from.

gourd 8

Your last step is to hang it!

gourd 9

I absolutely love how it turned out! I may have to make a second one next year. We’ll see if it actually attracts any birds. If not, that’s okay, because it’s cute anyway.

Painting the Garage Floor

This past weekend Andy worked on a project in the garage that we’ve been meaning to do for a couple of years. He painted the floor. For this project he used Quikrete Epoxy Floor Coating that he picked up from Lowes. He spent some time leading up to the painting project, prepping the floor. First he swept and hosed out the garage. Then he used Simple Green to clean up as much grease as possible.

Andy painting garage with epoxy
epoxy paint on garage floor
epoxy painted garage

Then he painted the Epoxy Coating on the floor using a long handled roller brush. He sprinkled the colored flakes as he went along. These flakes did a good job of hiding imperfections in the floor. Afterward, he rolled on a sealer by Quikrete. It goes on white but dries clear. This last step was what gave it a finished shiny look.

epoxy painted garage floor

The epoxy coating should resist oil stains in the future and be super simple to hose off whenever we’re cleaning up in there. Plus, it just looks so much better! 

Welcome October

October has got to be one of my favorite months. This October is shaping up to be a busy one for us. We have something planned for almost every weekend the entire month. Plus I’ll be gearing up for mid terms which come the fourth week of October and I also have four papers due at the beginning of November so I’ll be working on those all month as well.

We decided to take advantage of the last calm weekend we may see in awhile and get some things done around the house. As you can see I put up the Halloween decorations.



I wanted to try this pumpkin decoupage I had seen on the cover of Country Living but every time I went to buy the supplies my plans were thwarted by one thing or another. So I just have plain pumpkins sitting out front for now.



Andy is using the weekend to build our new garden shed. Yay! No more wading through tools and car parts just to get to my gardening gloves at the back of the garage.



I also baked the first pumpkin pie of the season. Yum. Perfect treat!



Tomorrow its back to the grind. Wednesday I have a Russian History essay exam so I think I’d better spend the rest of the evening going over my notes. But hey- there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. I applied for graduation this week!!


If all goes as planned and I don’t royally screw up something then come December 9 I should be D.O.N.E!! Well, at least for now. I’m so excited. I keep thinking about all the things I’ll be able to do once my time isn’t taken up with school work. At 30 I’ll finally have my bachelors. Sounds a little depressing doesn’t it? But I’m okay with it. Life got in the way and I can’t do anything about that. But at least I never gave up and it’s finally going to pay off.


Do you think Mauney would tolerate a Halloween costume this year? Photobucket Yeah, probably not.

we’ve been doing stuff

Well, I thought I should get on here and do a quick update.

Andy sold his truck:


and then we bought a new/old one. It was a fun adventure going down to Salt Lake to buy it but that’s a story for another day. This truck makes me think of my dad:

We also bought a new gas oven, which we love! Our old oven had a glass cooktop that was cracked across the length of it and two of the burners only worked on high. So when Andy suggested we use some of the truck money to invest in a decent stove, I quickly agreed and we managed to cash in on a Labor Day sale.

Andy and Corey have spent the last couple of nights staining the hot tub. It needed some TLC. Now we just have to decide whether to keep it or not. It’s kind of high maintenance, however it has been nice to have. Last year I even had a doctor prescribe that I sit in it for a half hour every night for two hours! Well, she said “hot bath” and I heard “hot tub.” Same diff, right?

We also managed to get some peas and beans planted for the fall. We may have been a little late in getting it done but hopefully we’ll still get something before the first freeze:

We’ve been enjoying our freezer meals quite a bit. It’s been very convenient and as you can see, we still have plenty more to last us a while!

Lastly, see the dog run? Obviously we bought it thinking we would use it all the time. However, we never use it. So the plan is to sell it and put a garden shed in its place. Andy’s been drawing up plans for one that will fit all our garden paraphernalia, bikes, and possibly our camping gear. You know, so the garage can be just for manly car stuff, haha. But of course, plans for a garden shed have been added to a long list of to do’s, so it may be a while before one actually materializes.

That’s about it for now. We’ve been busy but we’ve managed some fun time too. We went to see The Help last week and really enjoyed it. In the last month we have also fit in a bike ride, listened to our audio book, tried a new restaurant in Salt Lake, bought tickets to the X96 Big A** Show for Andy’s b-day, went on a drive to Bear Lake and ate at La Beau’s, and on Saturday we’ll be heading up to Logan to visit family.


Perfect Place

Andy stained our wedding arbor the other night and put it in the garden. I thought I’d share some pictures of how it looks out there. Please ignore all the weeds- we’re working on it. A reminder of how it looked at our wedding:

And now how it looks as a permanent addition to our home garden:


We’re still debating whether to grow a vine on it or just frame it with sunflowers and other flowers.


We really love the way that it turned out. It looks absolutely beautiful out there and will continue to look prettier as we add more to the landscaping in the yard. It’s definitely a work in progress and a labor of love.


around the house-weekends rock


I planted tulips last fall but couldn’t remember what color they were. I was pleasantly surprised to see that I had chosen all white blooms. I love them so much. The crazy wind storm we’ve been dealing with today has roughed them up a bit but hopefully they’ll bounce back.


A miracle happened on Friday- Henry and Mauney jumped on the couch and snuggled down next to me, one on each side. For a minute there I thought a massive cat fight might break out right there on my lap- but they pretty much ignored each other. It was so out of the ordinary that we just had to take a picture. Henry boy was feeling a little under the weather the whole day and was suffering from both eye & nose boogies. Poor boy. He seems much better now though.


Such a great weekend. I finally used the gift certificate that my sister & brother in law gave me for my birthday. I came home with an assortment of plants and spent Saturday afternoon getting them arranged in pots. We also managed to get our garden planted today. Andy also sanded, repainted & reinstalled the baseboards back into our bedroom. Time to move the furniture in!!


Putting it together

Last week we got new carpet in our bedroom!


Isn’t it pretty? Buh bye nasty, smelly, old carpet. Hello, soft and fuzzy new carpet.


We also put together our new dresser.


Henry came in to help but then got preoccupied by a box.


When he got tired of the box, he started munching on plastic.

We have strange children.

Ashland didn’t want to help, but she felt inclined to lay nearby and supervise.


Mauney was MIA. As usual.

And here he is:


Perfect! Now, I just have to figure out how to convince Andy to keep the top clean, as he likes to take receipts, change, and everything else out of his pockets at night, dump it on the top of his dresser, and leave it there indefinitely. As in…forever.

Sharing a dresser could be a clutterphobe’s nightmare! What have I gotten myself into?

We also made Marv ‘n Joe’s for dinner. Yum! Double yum! Super easy and delicious.


Slice of bread
Garlic butter
Vinegar & Oil (optional)
Salt and Pepper
Provolone Cheese
Sprinkle of Parmesan Cheese


Some house updates_the marathon edition

Andy and I have been working hard to make our “house” feel more like our “home.” Part of that is remodeling and part of it is adding elements (ie furniture, accessories, art, etc) that reflect our personalities.

Last week we went shopping for new carpet for our master bedroom. Considering how long it’s taken for us to make decisions on other changes to the house, it was surprisingly simple to pick out the new carpet. In fact, the sales lady suggested it, we looked at it, looked at each other, and said, “We’ll take it.” It was perfect.

The new carpet will be put in this Wednesday. I also have some other things that I need to show you. Some old, some new. First off, I think it’s about time I showed you our new kitchen floor.

That’s Tundra IKEA laminate. We put it down ourselves and it was super quick and easy. So far we LOVE it.

Mauney loves it too:

Next up is the new duvet that I purchased for our king size bed. (Buying nice bedding for a king size bed can really hurt your wallet so I saved up for awhile and waited until what we wanted went on sale. I also used a coupon code and managed to rack up just under $100 off the original ticket price. Go me!)

Anyway, we went with the Parachute Duvet from West Elm. I bought it on last chance clearance and I’m so glad I did because they no longer sell it. Here’s a picture I found of it:


That’s not our bed. I have yet to get sheets and pillow shams for our bed, so I haven’t photographed it yet. Andy wasn’t quite sure what to think of my duvet plan, but he was willing to indulge me. We’ve been sleeping with it for over a month now and it is awesome. We both really like it, as it’s light weight but keeps us just the right temperate.

And while we’re on the subject of our new master bedroom, I’ve picked out some fabric for our curtains. It’s Premier Prints Annie Corn Yellow/Kelp Slub.


I’ll take another picture after I have them sewn up and hung. Lastly, I finally purchased some art for our kitchen. The black and white prints we had in there are going in the guest room because I’m doing a black and white color scheme in there. We wanted prints with some green in them for the kitchen. So this is what I got:

It’s a watercolor by Elena Romanova. Yes, it really is for our kitchen. I found it on Etsy a few weeks ago and have been crushing on it ever since. I hesitantly showed it to Andy and told him I wanted it for our kitchen. I completely expected him to laugh and say “No way are we hanging an octopus in our kitchen!”  but he loved it!! Yay. I saw that it was 30% off the other day so I decided to go for it.

Also, we did a little organizing project in the bathroom. Andy installed these sliding bins so that it would be easier for me to get things out from under the sink.

I no longer have to get down on my hands and knees and fish around in there for what I want. I just pull the bins out, and everything is there. It’s so convenient! I love it. One bin holds my hairdryer, straightener and curling iron. The other bin holds bottles of hair products and my makeup. These bins came from IKEA and they are actually meant to hold garbage cans but they worked perfectly for this project. We only got a couple to try out but we will probably pick up a couple more for other areas of the house now.

So that’s what’s new around here.


on a sunday

We woke up to discover that it had snowed some in the night. But it had all melted away by the afternoon. I was able to crack the windows and let some fresh air in. Mauney cat was quite happy about this.


I pushed the window open even more so she could sit herself up on the ledge and enjoy it.


I spent the afternoon cleaning out my car, doing laundry, working on homework, changing sheets and washing dishes. Afterwards, I settled on the couch with my new book, “I Wonder,” by Marian Bantjes.


Marian is a typographic illustrator who was inspired by the ancient illuminations of manuscripts. Since typography and manuscript illumination are two of my top interests, I knew this book was the book for me.

The book is a funny, creative collection of observations on visual culture and design. Here’s a peak at some of the pages.


So far, I’m really enjoying it. I purchased my copy from Barnes and Noble. I highly recommend it.


In awhile, I’ll put some hamburger vegetable soup on the stove to cook, pick out something from my Netflix instant cue, and begin winding down for the evening.

How was your weekend?