Lazy head start

Andy went out to weed the garden. I admittedly was feeling way too lazy to help him.

Funny enough though- I wasn’t feeling too lazy to get started on the reading for my fall classes while I sat out there and watched Andy labor away.

Yes. I’m a nerd. I work ahead- I start my homework before the semester has even started. (Don’t worry, I also procrastinate- it’s a very delicate balance.)

And Yes. I’m reading The Cay.

Now don’t tell me you didn’t also read it when you were eight. If you didn’t- well then your childhood was seriously lacking in literature awesomeness.

Anyway, I’m taking Children’s Lit this semester and I’m pretty stoked about it. Probably because I’m also the kind of nerd who collects childrens books. There are about thirty books on the reading list which is not bad at all.

So, what was your favorite book as a kid?