An important element in my home


I love typography. I’m not sure I’ve ever said just how much.


If you walk in to my home, my love for it would be obvious. It’s in almost every room.


It seems only natural for a reader to want words on the walls of her home!


I love that I can walk through my home and be reminded of the things that are important to me: “Share Your Passion,” “Life Your Life in the Moment,” “It’s Better Together.”

keep calm

I love that when I wake up on the wrong side of the bed, my mood can quickly be transformed by a print on the bathroom wall that reads, “Today is Going to Be A Great Day.”


I grumble a little and curse the person who decided to hang positive words on my wall (oh wait, that was me,) but then I’m grateful.


Grateful that I have a small reminder that life is short and today is whatever you make of it- so today will be a great day.

just keep going

I’m not a perfect person and I’m certainly not a constantly upbeat or sunny person. I can get moody. I can get ungrateful. But the typography in my home quickly brings me back to where I want to be and reminds me of those little things that I’d like to cultivate in my life to make it better.


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