An important element in my home


I love typography. I’m not sure I’ve ever said just how much.


If you walk in to my home, my love for it would be obvious. It’s in almost every room.


It seems only natural for a reader to want words on the walls of her home!


I love that I can walk through my home and be reminded of the things that are important to me: “Share Your Passion,” “Life Your Life in the Moment,” “It’s Better Together.”

keep calm

I love that when I wake up on the wrong side of the bed, my mood can quickly be transformed by a print on the bathroom wall that reads, “Today is Going to Be A Great Day.”


I grumble a little and curse the person who decided to hang positive words on my wall (oh wait, that was me,) but then I’m grateful.


Grateful that I have a small reminder that life is short and today is whatever you make of it- so today will be a great day.

just keep going

I’m not a perfect person and I’m certainly not a constantly upbeat or sunny person. I can get moody. I can get ungrateful. But the typography in my home quickly brings me back to where I want to be and reminds me of those little things that I’d like to cultivate in my life to make it better.


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A wall arrangement finally materializes

What a Monday! I was insanely busy at work today and the work was filled with constant frustrations. I came home and made asian noodles and egg rolls for dinner and now I’m sitting here exhausted. But I wanted to show you a little project I worked on this past weekend.

I finally hung the small picture gallery I had planned for the bedroom wall above the dresser. I’ve had a couple of these pieces for over a year now but was just taking my time rounding up enough frames. I finally made it a priority and I’m so glad I did because I love it!

Would you like to see them up close?

I bought this image when I went back to school. It reads “It’s never too late to be what you want to be.” It also serves as a constant reminder not to stress too much about the future and just live in the moment. The tiny print at the top reads “there is no time limit start whenever you want” Bought from Evajuliet on Etsy.


There’s no story behind this one- I just liked it. Bought from miniMooshee on Etsy.


I bought this photograph for Andy because he likes Studebakers. It was purchased on Etsy from NebraskaSky.

This is a photograph of the Post Office at the ghost town Cisco in Utah. We bought this print in Moab.

This is my birthday card from Andy that I framed. I just think it’s perfect! It reads “Just counting up all the wonderful things I love about you.”
The zinc Ampersand is from Anthropologie. You can purchase it here.


I love the way it turned out and I love that each part of it really represents us. It’s the perfect addition to the bare walls in our bedroom. So glad I finally made time for this project.
ps- I hung the gallery following the ‘newspaper’ method. You can see an example here. It was so easy!

Spark Your Creativity 1.2

Loving this collage by Amy Jo ‘today’!! It’s a great reminder to stop putting off what you can do today which is so fitting as we enter into grand ideas of New Year’s resolutions. What am I going to stop putting off what I can start today? A work out routine! I’d really like to tone up this year and feel better in my own skin. I want to feel strong and flexible because lately I’ve been feeling like my body is just falling apart on me. The dancer in me is really longing for that lean muscular look that I used to have. So no more procrastination. Today I will work out!!

Building an art collection

I love art and I’m constantly on the look out for new pieces to put in our house. So I was pretty excited to flip through the new issue of Covet Garden and see that featured couple Terry and Tara had shared their tips for building your own art collection on a budget. They also shared some great resources for inexpensive art.


Covet Garden is one of my favorite reads. I have them send me a digital copy of every new issue. So check them out. I think you’ll like it.

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Some house updates_the marathon edition

Andy and I have been working hard to make our “house” feel more like our “home.” Part of that is remodeling and part of it is adding elements (ie furniture, accessories, art, etc) that reflect our personalities.

Last week we went shopping for new carpet for our master bedroom. Considering how long it’s taken for us to make decisions on other changes to the house, it was surprisingly simple to pick out the new carpet. In fact, the sales lady suggested it, we looked at it, looked at each other, and said, “We’ll take it.” It was perfect.

The new carpet will be put in this Wednesday. I also have some other things that I need to show you. Some old, some new. First off, I think it’s about time I showed you our new kitchen floor.

That’s Tundra IKEA laminate. We put it down ourselves and it was super quick and easy. So far we LOVE it.

Mauney loves it too:

Next up is the new duvet that I purchased for our king size bed. (Buying nice bedding for a king size bed can really hurt your wallet so I saved up for awhile and waited until what we wanted went on sale. I also used a coupon code and managed to rack up just under $100 off the original ticket price. Go me!)

Anyway, we went with the Parachute Duvet from West Elm. I bought it on last chance clearance and I’m so glad I did because they no longer sell it. Here’s a picture I found of it:


That’s not our bed. I have yet to get sheets and pillow shams for our bed, so I haven’t photographed it yet. Andy wasn’t quite sure what to think of my duvet plan, but he was willing to indulge me. We’ve been sleeping with it for over a month now and it is awesome. We both really like it, as it’s light weight but keeps us just the right temperate.

And while we’re on the subject of our new master bedroom, I’ve picked out some fabric for our curtains. It’s Premier Prints Annie Corn Yellow/Kelp Slub.


I’ll take another picture after I have them sewn up and hung. Lastly, I finally purchased some art for our kitchen. The black and white prints we had in there are going in the guest room because I’m doing a black and white color scheme in there. We wanted prints with some green in them for the kitchen. So this is what I got:

It’s a watercolor by Elena Romanova. Yes, it really is for our kitchen. I found it on Etsy a few weeks ago and have been crushing on it ever since. I hesitantly showed it to Andy and told him I wanted it for our kitchen. I completely expected him to laugh and say “No way are we hanging an octopus in our kitchen!”  but he loved it!! Yay. I saw that it was 30% off the other day so I decided to go for it.

Also, we did a little organizing project in the bathroom. Andy installed these sliding bins so that it would be easier for me to get things out from under the sink.

I no longer have to get down on my hands and knees and fish around in there for what I want. I just pull the bins out, and everything is there. It’s so convenient! I love it. One bin holds my hairdryer, straightener and curling iron. The other bin holds bottles of hair products and my makeup. These bins came from IKEA and they are actually meant to hold garbage cans but they worked perfectly for this project. We only got a couple to try out but we will probably pick up a couple more for other areas of the house now.

So that’s what’s new around here.


Historically Hardcore

Do you have the misconception that history is boring? Well, art student Jenny Burrows and copywriter Matt Kapler have put together an ad campaign to convince you otherwise. Each ad compares a contemporary celebrity with a historical figure to show just how badass and awesome they really are.



I seriously love these. History is cool, maybe you just didn’t realize it yet! I love being a history major because you get to learn much more in depth and interesting tid bits than the normal history class would teach you.




Click HERE to see more of these super awesome ads. Here’s the whole story on Jenny’s blog.

Yay for history!!